You Forgot, Didn’t You


Hear that? It’s the sound of new year’s goals shuffling to a dusty corner in the back of humanity’s mind, waiting until December to be plucked out and shaken off again.

(Most likely accompanied by a twinge of regret at what they left undone.)

Sooooo, let’s not do that.

Let’s set ourselves apart from the mass populace. (Meaning, let’s not just talk about our dreams, but work towards them too.)

And so I present to you this reminder from your mentor (yours truly) to get re-inspired by your goals. (There really is something to that saying: where attention goes, energy flows, and results show.)

(I tell you this because I almost forgot. Oops. Thank God for google reminders.)

So, whip out your 2021 goals with me. And run through this quarterly checklist I created for you:

  1. Are your goals still in the right priority? Shift them up or down to ensure you’re focused on what’s most important to you.
  2. Are there any that need more love than they’ve gotten? (add those to your to-do list)
  3. Which ones are non-contenders now? (maybe save them for next year)
  4. Is there anything new that you would love to achieve this year? (could be in the next few weeks or right up to December 31st)
  5. Do a review – have you knocked any of them off? Or achieved things that you hadn’t even written down? (HINT: write those unexpected achievements down now.)
  6. What have you done already that’s worked or moved the needle?
  7. What actions can you take, education can you get, or conversations can you have to build even more momentum?


Also, fun thought experiment:

Take a few deep breaths. Slowly roll over in your mind the people, things, moments, experiences, lessons you’re grateful for. Feel that ‘thunk’ moment you come into presence and gratitude. Then visualise what your life will be like as you continually grow into who you need to be to get the things you’d love. What will you get to be, do and have? What will you not have to do, or get to stop doing?

Ok, given today’s Sunday, this is the perfect day to sit down and do this.

Just take a few mins now, as you’re reading this. Give a quick prod to your consciousness to say, “hey! Remember what we’re here for. Let’s make sure we got the systems in place to get this done.”

And then, let’s go get ‘em.




PS – So easy to get distracted these days. Between Netflix and parenthood, I tell you… I’m lucky I remember to unplug the toaster after brekkie. (Once you’ve run out of a burning building at 3am, you think about these things.) Anyway, I adopted an affirmation to keep me on track, which you’re welcome to adopt too: “if it ain’t scheduled, it ain’t happening.” It’s also why I built a membership when I could have built a seminar. #chewonthatthought

PPS – If you want a strategy and system in place to grow not only your mind, but your business, income and impact then… stay tuned.