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my way of thinking has

Having done the program for
nearly a year, I have found my way of thinking has transformed. Rather than staying stuck in emotional states that end up affecting not only my business but my life, I have the ability to ask myself quality questions and shift my perceptions and emotions which helps me focus on creating financial freedom.

Kate Moloney

Investor, Business Membership


to feel what my actual
potential is

Your business is you. The more you grow, your business grows. The less mental and emotional challenges that you
have, your business will have. Maximum Growth has allowed me to see how, to feel what my actual potential is, so I can
actually, infuse the same potential into the business and serve the people of my
world in a better way.

Payra Zaghand

Business Owner, Business Membership


see my vision from a new

My first session was eye-opening because Tanya helped me to see my vision from a new perspective where I can acknowledge where I'm already living it and it doesn't feel distant. I love that participation is an active experience and we all learn from each other as well as being guided by Tanya.

Payra Zaghand

Business Owner, Business Membership

Payra Zaghard

It allowed me to actually balance myself, the situation and the experiences all the traits actions and any actions right in a real-time scenario. The great thing about Tanya's platform is that you have immediate access to her and you have immediate access to the community.

Julie Tenner

A huge thank you to Tanya Cross and the MG team. I first came across Tanya when she was recommended to me as a coach to work through some issues that I was having and I have three such mind-blowing sessions with her.

financially independent

I worked with Tanya to
understand myself and how to become empowered to change my circumstances. I went from feeling controlled and
manipulated, to becoming more assertive, concrete in my decision making. I've not only made an impact of my family life
but also business. I'm in business
to be financially independent, to look 
after my child and not have to rely on
anyone else and Maximum Growth classes
have helped me do that.

Marina Garbuio

Business owner, Business Membership


it doesn't take weeks
to see the change

What I value as a coach is Tanya's 10+ years of dedication to the understanding and application of universal principles and human behaviour. She has not only been invested in working with clients but also within herself. She has the ability, in a short space of time, to hone in on what the specific perceived challenge or a perceived issue are, and to get a breakthrough. This is what I appreciate about her work is it doesn't take weeks to see the change, it is immediate.

Peter Norton

Coach, Coaches Membership


it doesn't take weeks
to see the change

The business and mindset
exercises and worksheets, the live calls that we do on a weekly basis, 1-to-1 feedback, and the in depth discussion with the MG community have been very helpful and reveal my mental blocks and get another, more balanced perspective. I like that sessions are done every week. It's realistic and doesn't really take away time from my business & other important business building I need to do.


Coach, Coaches Membership

Leanne Simcic

The Benefits that I have found by doing a weekly group coaching session with Tanya, I've been a Demartini student for over 20 years. I love the work I find it the most powerful work that I have come across. That is why it is still in my life and so much time.

Maggie Lichaa

It is such a joy to be providing a little glimpse of the gratitude of what Tanya and the Maximum Growth team have gifted me with. For me the
journey of personal development began about 8 years ago, doing some major turning points in my life that really tested my resilience.


she has helped keep me
accountable to reach
my goal

Having the accountability and
resources of this community
has been priceless. It helped
me carve out time to do the 
work and give a structured
understanding of the Demartini
method. I appreciate I'm exactly
where I need to be.

Lauren B

Business owner, Business Membership


you were super sharp with
nailing the moment of
perception and bringing
in the order side

Thank you for letting me sit in
the hot seat the other night. I
got a lot out of it. You were
super sharp with nailing the
moment of perception and
bringing in the other side. It
was fantastic to watch.

Rachel Berners

Business Owner Mindset Membership


I'm so glad i am in
your program

I'm on Day 2 at Demartini Method Facilitator Training Program and taking your class has made it so
much easier. I'm so glad I am in your 

Stephanie james

Coach, Starter Membership

Renae Ferris

When I first came to Tanya I had recently completed the Demartini Method Facilitator training and I was really overwhelmed I absolutely love the work and it totally changed my life going through the
breakthrough experience.


helping me see the other
side and benefits to my

The regular, weekly opportunities to work through our 'stuff' in the Maximum
Growth program has certainly created a shift in me. Life's challenges don't dissipate but I'm learning to more keenly how
my perceptions, decisions and  actions can and do make a powerful difference to my life and in my relationships with others - whether they are a stranger on the street or my close connections. Thanks you 
to Tanya and team for providing this platform to help me enrich my life.


Teacher, Mindset Membership


love and appreciation
no matter what
obstacles life brings

Being able to see the Demartini Method demonstrated, to have somebody walk me through it week after week has been integral in helping me achieve a shift within myself on how I choose to view myself, others and the world moving forward.
Things are moving on the right trajectory and I'm stepping into some exciting new territory. Overall, having an understanding of love and appreciation no matter what obstacles life brings is his biggest takeaway.

Dr david turton

Doctor, Mindset Membership
Marina Garbuio

The thing that I love about  working with Tanya is that I'm actually grateful for the relationship that I had and I'm grateful for how she treated me because I wouldn't be the person that I am today so I'm able to leverage off that an no emotional baggage because of it.

Peter Norton

Coach, Coaches Membership

I was always looking for help in ways where I could expand and grow myself. So I knew Tanya was going to be the perfect person to help assist you with that because I had built some trust from meeting her at events.


maximum growth
program has certainly
created a shift in me

I'm not sure how many time I can say thank you but THANK YOU! I really appreciate you
helping me see the other side and most of all just being there for me to call if I needed it! I'm looking forward to keep working and moving forward on my 

Lauren Hern

Financial Analyst, Hot Seat Participant

Thank you for your
wisdom and guidance

I watched your Hot Seat on the death of a client's mother. I wanted to express my gratitude to you for you knowledge you  share with us. I learned so much from watching you that I was able to help my own client. Thank you for your wisdom
and guidance.

Bernadine Carmichel

Coach, Coaches Membership

There were many
learnings about the 
neutrality of emotions

Thank you Tanya for hosting
the Hot Seat. It was interesting
to see the Demartini Method in
action from a group perspective.
There were many learnings
about the neutrality of emotions.
It helped me see the
other side and the benefits
of my own experience.

Eshan popal

Business Owner, Hot Seat Participant
Zac Mason
Coach, Business Membership

The goal for me was primarily driven to learn a 
method that I could use with my business and
my clients and myself that it has been proven to
be effective and repeatable and deep enough.

Dr David Turton
Doctor, Mindset Membership

When you see the gift or the other opportunity
within every experience and rather than having
a choice about your perception and how you
choose to see every moment to moment and 
to see the opportunity in it or to balance out
the gift that comes with every hardship

keeps me accountable

Tanya Cross has an unwavering dedication to server. She has helped me to gain certainty of my mission,
secure business deals, and helps me accountable to reach my goals. I'm grateful to have Tanya in
my ear helping me to make an impact in the world.

Ramzey Choker

Founder and owner of The Grounds of Alexandria Private Coaching Client

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love your life

Learn how to wrap your business around your life, rather than your life around your business. Have the freedom and the finances to live the life you love.

The size of your vision-
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Private Coaching Packages

Every coach has a particular style of working with clients. Mine is direct, straight to the point and results orientated (and guaranteed too). Every client, every session I strategically think about your goals, your main challenge, the challenge you bring to the table today and how can I help you work through and solve the biggest issue which will have the greatest impact for you.

It is important for you to get a return on your investment together. It I am not helping get the results you are paying me for, I'm not doing my job. I have seen clients secure contracts within days, disputes between partners resolved and business resuming with more ease, clients who have had media

slammings not occupy their mind anymore and are more inspired with business, marriages where there hasn't been any physical contact in a decade, cuddle for the first time.

Watching your life change is why I do what I do. It is very rewarding as to what can be achieved in a short amount of time.


Working together is not only about working on the pains of the past, but growing you forward where you would love to be.
Here are the styles of work we will do in sessions..

Build your business

If you have an idea germinating or you are in full flight, this is perfect to level up yourself and our business.
We focus on clarity of your vision, mission, create more sales, land speaking opportunities and anything that will help you to grow your business. These weekly sessions will ensure you are shifting and expanding yourself so your mindset matches your dreams.

I'M Interested

Make more money

Show me the money! We use every
tool in the toolkit for you to make
more money. You will dissolve past
challenges that block you from
attracting money and ensure you
shift so you can hold onto it too.
See your income increase, along
with your drive to serve more
people, earn more money and the
byproduct, watch your net worth
increase with these weekly
sessions. Thank you very much
bank balance.

I'M Interested

love financial loss

The pain of financial loss often creates hesitation or even freezes you taking the leap again. It is important to resolve the financial loss from a divorce, bad investment or trade to help you move forward. We dig deep & look at high- level dynamics as to why it happened, help you appreciate your decisions, & shift you're internally dynamic to set you up for success.

I'M Interested

create a relationship

Single & ready to mingle but you would like to resolve your past baggage before finding the one? Or you're way too comfortable wearing your underpants with holes in them & you can't remember the last time you went on a date with your spouse. Resolve past issues and set you up to find the catch or continue a fulfilling relationship of a lifetime.

I'M Interested

grief to gratitude

Loss doesn't have to be only death, we can experience grief with the loss of a relationship, a baby, even an opportunity. Know that you don't have to live in the pain, anguish, and suffering. You don't have to wait for years to work through your experience. There is another way. With expert help, you can resolve it in one session. Money- back guarantee.

I'M Interested

spice up my sex life

Spice up the bedroom with this intensely intimate package. There is nothing I have not heard or help before. We unlock the inner lover within, have you expressing
yourself without fear in the bedroom. If you want to turn up the heat, you can either choose to work on your own or have your spouse join in or a little of both. Oh la la, give me some of that hot
loving now, please.

I'M Interested
Blast burnout

When your flame is out and you have nothing left in the tank, life stops. This package is the pick-me- up-and- fill -my- soul-with what you need. We focus on working through what is shutting your physiology down, getting your realigned with what is most meaningful to you and magnetising yourself to get back into business, and life again.

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hire new employee

This is perfect if you are considering hiring a new team member. Book in a one on one session with the new or potential employee to determine their values and link their values to their role and the company vision. This helps the new team member feel more inspired, engaged and connected to their role and the companies v1s1on.

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A full life transformation Program. Spend 5 days walking, talking and processing emotional baggage and raising your mindset higher to where you would love to be while being in nature. Reserve your spot as places are limited.

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my personal
promise to you

I commit to 'holding your feet to the fire' every week to
get the growth in whatever area you desire.

No flaking, no rescheduling. 

All you have to do is show up.

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