Work Begins Again

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Hey life spark,

Isn’t it crazy that we’ll invest in Netflix, holidays & eating out, yet what makes the biggest difference to a more meaningful journey over our lifetime is the thing we invest the least in – our connection with our light and life and sharing our heart with the world.

It’s easy to become distracted; the days, weeks and months can be lost in meaningless tasks or other people’s issues. Too often we are living a life of duty over design, or being swept in the streams of others’ lives, rather than creating our own waves which send ripples through humanity.

My client this week was struggling with that very issue: how to achieve their goals without being distracted by duty, what they are obligated to do for others. They perceived themselves to be living outside of themselves rather than lighting the flame within (and allowing others to do the same).

You’re here because you feel in the depths of your being that you have something more to offer the world. You want to level up, not only your influence but to make an impact (and let’s sprinkle increased income on that too). It is time for a transformation (or a huge life evolution) because if not now? When? And if not you? Who?

Abraham Lincoln stated, “You’re not bound to win, you’re bound to be true. You’re not bound to succeed, you’re bound to live up to the light within you (and the motto we have here at Maximum Growth).”

You are a messenger of light, you come from unconditional love and this is where you will return. The depths of your being knows this love and light.

You are meant to shine. It is your inner nature. It’s not just for a handful of people. It is for everyone. It is within everyone. But sometimes the reality of life gets dark. Really dark. You may feel fragmented into many pieces. You may feel torn down, lost, hollow, even broken. In moments like this, your vision has become clouded and you lose your inner guidance and knowing.

Remember, you are not broken. There is nothing wrong with you (nor right either). You aren’t here to be perfect; you already are. All this you experience has a purpose. It is perfect for your unique mission and voice to share with the world (yes, lost to be found kind of perfection).

The thing is, you’re here for three things in life.

  1. You’re here to create.
  2. You’re here to know.
  3. You’re here to grow.

It’s time to rise from where you are. Imagine yourself like a seed in the darkness, wanting to grow into a big oak tree (or whatever tree takes your fancy).

Maximum Growth is like the inbuilt watering system to help you at all stages of the journey.

Our January classes, “Set The Year 2022“, unleashes your light to make a greater impact on the world.

If you are enrolled in any of the Maximum Growth Memberships (Starter, Business or Coaching Memberships), then these classes are included.

If you are not a member and would like to join us, click here to learn more.

In class we focus on one of the three main purposes you’re here for in life, and that is to create.

You’ll be creating your Divine Design. With a Divine Plan, your life is your own. You can leave your life in others’ hands or move from creature to creator by defining the life you would love to lead.

Napoleon Hill once said ‘create a definite plan for carrying out your desire and begin at once, whether you are ready or not, to put this plan into action.’ Your Divine Design is the detailed plan to help you manifest a fulfilling, meaningful and inspired life to help to bring the future into the present and create your vision now.

This is your life, this is your Divine Design.

Come and join other like-minded leaders and create your own Divine Design so that when you open the document, it will bring tears to your eyes.

Looking forward to seeing you in class soon,

With gratitude,



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P.S. If you can’t join class this month I just have to remind you that you are a messenger of light, you come from unconditional love and this is where you will return. The depths of your being knows light. You aren’t here to be perfect; you already are. The human experience is full of richness, rise and fall, fall and rise with it gracefully, stumbling blocks are your stepping stones for you to teach you more about yourself. You aren’t here to live under someone else’s expectations of you, their judgment of right and wrong, good and bad. You are here to grow. You are here to experience the world, to experience the infinity of divinity through the fininity of humanity, the messy, the clean, the sweaty, salty, dry and sweetness of all that life has to offer. You are here to be beautifully human and to feel is a part of the human experience. Feel with certainty and presence in your mind, gratitude and love in your heart and enthusiasm and inspiration in your body. Shine bright stardust. Tanya x