Which Kind Of Learner Are You? (I’m #2)

You’ve got 2 types of learners:




Passive learners prefer to absorb information, attend seminars, read books and learn tools they may – or may not – use. Pure knowledge is the goal. (Think academics, researchers, and some content creators.)

Active learners prefer to apply what they learn. They gain insights and distinctions by taking imperfect action and earn wisdom through facing challenges. (Think artists, consultants, business owners.)

Passive learners pay to learn.

Active learners invest to learn (because they turn their learnings into earnings).

Now, I know someone reading this (maybe you) is thinking, “oh, active learning is clearly better”.

Likely because we’ve all heard, “to know and not to do is not yet to know.” (Plus, who doesn’t love essentially being paid to learn.)

It depends on your lens of evaluation as to which one you use.

Are you learning for enjoyment? Or are you learning for self-growth, business growth and ROI?

One isn’t better than the other. But you can (almost always) choose one over the other.

I turn it into a fun challenge – “how can I make money from what I’m about to learn?” (even if I’m spending money to learn first. Especially then.)

It’s a simple perspective shift, but rare, I’ve noticed.

So why aren’t more people Active Learners?

In my experience, 2 reasons:

  1. Because no one has given them the structure to continue applying their tools and make money from them as they learn.
  2. Because it requires actually doing the work. We’ve been pounded with the myth of passive income so hard that we think learning = growth. Anyone who’s been down the seminar cycle knows this isn’t true. Action generates income.


I looked for years for a course, a mentor… anything that gave me a structure to apply what I learned and turn it into growth (for myself, my business and my income).

In the end, I was the lone she-wolf. I had to grit my teeth and persist. (I wouldn’t recommend it.)

So I built the space I was searching for – one with the education/application cycle built in. I figured if I cared about doing the work – and making money from it – surely others are willing to do it and reap the rewards too.

And it would be MUCH easier in a pack than solo. (Yes, for the accountability, but also because I’ve walked the path already and can shine light on it for others.)

Our members (and you, if you are one) already know this: So – meet Maximum Growth Membership.

Maximum Growth isn’t a seminar where you’re expected to learn and then maybe apply the tools later if you have the discipline.

But an ongoing community & classroom with the long term, compound growth built in.

An academy for Active Learning (and those who want to earn from their learning.)

On 1st April I’m opening doors for a special yearly price (with extra bonuses for fast action takers because it’s also my birthday). Available for one day only.

Why a year’s membership? To guarantee long-term results.

Imagine it – an entire year of Active Learning. What could you do with that?


With gratitude,


Leadership Coach
Counsellor & Master Certified Demartini Method Facilitator

PS – this is the system I’ve used for over 12 years to overcome some of the biggest hurdles in business and life that a human can face: suicide, divorce, public scrutiny, overwhelm, and turning them into the inspiration, income and impact I love. If there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that what you do on one day is memorable, but what you do every day is meaningful. If you like the sound of that (and getting even more of it over an entire year) then feel free to send us a message.