What Would You Do?

Imagine this: you’re handed $10,000, no strings attached. 

What’s the first thing you do with it? 

Put it away for a rainy day? Invest in your education? Maybe you’d splurge on something you’ve been eyeing for a while or use it to pay off lingering bills?

For me, it’s all about investment.

Not just in stocks or bonds but in myself. 

Self-growth isn’t just an option; it’s a necessity. 

Ever since I earned my first dollar in my own business, a portion of every sum that comes my way goes straight into furthering my knowledge and skills.

Without skills and knowledge, my business wouldn’t thrive. That’s why I’ve committed to investing in my education continuously. 

But education isn’t one-size-fits-all; everyone learns differently. 

Personally, I’m a visual and kinesthetic learner—I learn best by watching and then doing it myself.

That’s been the most rewarding investment for me—observing coaches master their craft and then putting it into practice, whether with myself or my clients. 

It’s not just about absorbing information; it’s about integrating knowledge so I can see tangible results.

So, if I had $10,000 handed to me today, you can bet a significant portion of it would go straight into furthering my education and skill set. 

Because for me, investing in myself isn’t just about potential future returns—it’s about unlocking my full potential and making a meaningful impact in the world.

What would you do with 10K?

Tanya x

Leadership Coach & Master Certified Demartini Method Facilitator

BAppSoSc (Counselling)

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