What are you struggling with?

I ask this every week in class. And I ask you this in a public setting.

“What are you struggling with?”

When you share your struggles, you begin the healing process.

Others don’t perceive you in a negative light.

In fact, it is the opposite; they think how brave you are.

Flashback 6 months ago to our Maximum Growth Members Only Viewing hot seat. We covered a touchy subject of a client receiving gentile herpes from their spouse. Many people commented on her bravery to share such a private issue, publicly.

She didn’t look bad publicly.

In fact, sharing her struggle helped so many more people.

Her story helped me to reach out to a public figure who suffered from herpes, and I was able to share some of the insights from the session. She then signed up for 3 months of coaching on the back of that conversation.

If you foster an experience of trust, openness, and vulnerability with your community, they will share more with you.

I hear from clients that they want real.

So I want to know your struggles.

I want to know what you are hiding that you don’t want the world to know (if it’s imposter syndrome, check out this post from last week).

And if there was a way I could help you, either anonymously in the Ask Me Anything Class or publicly, feel free to fill out the survey here.

I’m not interested in making you look good or bad. It would be impossible to build a business doing this as it goes against universal principles.

What I can do is serve you at speed. I can help you to solve your own problems.

And I can only serve you to the degree you share.

In October we are closing the doors, so if you or anyone you know would like to join Maximum Growth, or you’d love to return to the community and classes again, click on the link to find out more.

With love,



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