Try A New Thing Here

Did you know that every problem already has a solution whether you know it or not?

I’m not kidding.

Just ask for the answer to be revealed to you.

Now, this isn’t some hippy woo-woo thinking. I’ve used it with clients and myself for years and what is revealed is deeply profound.

While I invested my time walking the Camino in Spain 5 years ago, I spent a lot of time working on my deeper challenges and issues. Childhood stuff.

Towards the end of the walk I still felt a little lost in my purpose and where I was going.

I decided to walk the Camino Primitive, extra 100km and I asked the universe to reveal to me what my path and purpose was​ (and as clear daylight so I couldn’t mistake it for something else).

On the first night I found myself alone, with no other pilgrims the entire walk. I felt something jarring inside me that this wasn’t the path I needed to be on (It’s hard to describe but easy to recognise). I knew I needed to be with people. I had spent so long being on my own in life, and it was time to be with others.

Instead, I did something that was un-Camino like but I listened to and I caught a cab back to the Camino Francis (that’s the main walk) and started the last 100km from there.

That night, I met a group of 8 walkers and we became instant friends.

The older man in the group had decided the day before to become a counsellor (Hmm. Interesting universe). The next day we walked and talked for hours. I helped him have a deeply profound transformation about his purpose and mission that he told everyone that evening to spend time walking with me.

The next day, the younger one of the group asked to walk together. His heart was heavy because his friend had died in his arms. I helped him to feel that it was an honor to spend the last moments with his friend before he died and how much a gift to be with him so he was not alone as he passed.

I had in depth discussions on life with every person I met. It was crystal clear my journey as a counsellor, coach and consultant and that I couldn’t hide from what I am here to do.

So {first_name}, try it for yourself. Make sure you have a clear question to ask the universe. What clarity are you seeking? What question would you like answered?

Make sure you have a clear question to the universe, then be open to what answers you’ll receive.

Hit reply and share with me what is revealed to you.

With gold nuggets of wisdom,

Tanya x

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Counsellor & Master Certified Demartini Method Facilitator

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