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Did you know when a percentage can be calculated in reverse?


1% of 100 = 1%
Or you can do it this way
100% of 1 = 1

Ok, so let’s try that again.

25% of 50 = 12.5%
Or you can do it this way
50% of 25 = 12.5

And again.

20% of 200 = 40%
Or you can do it this way
200% of 20 = 40

Interesting hey?!

So let’s talk about problem solving.

What if there’s another pathway that’s a more efficient and effective way to solve the problem?

  • Maybe you’re unaware another road even exists (like calculating %’s in reverse ????)
  • Maybe you’re aware but don’t like the road (insert every excuse under the sun not to do maths.
  • Maybe you value maths and you can’t wait to try this on random numbers (freak- but I love you ????)
  • Maybe you don’t like maths, you scrolled the calculation without really understanding or reading them and said “I don’t understand maths” (AKA “it’s too difficult”)

If the latter is the case, you can do one of three things.

  1. Do nothing, sit and stare at the calculation secretly hoping it will solve itself
  2. Seek ease by getting a calculator to do the work
  3. Avoid doing the work

What all three points have in common is not doing the work that it takes to find the solution.

Each perceives the work is too hard or not worth the time and energy to solve the problem or to know the answer.

Now think of this relative to business problems.

Problems like a lack of clients, trouble scaling your business or difficulties in your personal life affecting business.

Maybe you’re doing it the hard way to find a solution?

A little insight into my inner world as an avid problem solver – it’s such an interesting and inspiring process and the outcome changes the fabric of the way you view everything.

This is because you make connections that spark a cascade of ideas and thoughts that give you a greater awareness (see another road).

You move out of an individualist focus to see the great whole of yourself and your life.

So when a client says “I’m doing more of this and less of that as a result of solving (insert problem)” or “I now know it’s possible to (insert solution)” brings tears to my eyes.

So, can I whisper the secret to more efficient and effective problem solving in your business and life?

You have to value the process and/or a value on the solution itself.

Sometimes we need someone to point out our blind spots or show us a new pathway that we were unaware of to know there is a more efficient and effective way to the outcome we seek.

That is essentially what coaching is for, to show you a new pathway (or road or highway) to get you leveling up in business and heck, in life also.

Hope to see you in class soon.



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