The Brilliant Function Of Pain

The Brilliant Function Of Pain Book

The Brilliant Function Of Pain

This book is perfect for anyone who is experiencing pain and would love to understand the concept of pain.

As human beings with a physical body, we all suffer from pain. We can be physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually drained from the pain. If you fight it, you might find yourself endlessly seeking healers and doctors to rid you of your suffering.

Very few people make use of the pain and transcend it. Pain has a logic and distinct function, hence, there is a brilliant function of pain. It serves a purpose. When we experience pain, we immediately label it as ‘sickness’,when it is actually a brilliant signal telling us to do something to right ourselves. It is telling us what to do, minute by minute to prevent more serious problems.

Ward shares he has nothing to recommend to you, absolutely nothing, except what you yourself are prepared to learn from the enormous wisdom of your incredible inner self. This is wisdom, because as the student is ready, the teacher appears. For those who are not ready, it falls on deaf ears.


Our instinctive being constantly emanates from and seeks a state of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual equilibrium. All pain demands us (our minds) to help restore this equilibrium.

Pain is reminding you that there is an infinitely brilliant force. Our own force, is functioning on our behalf. It is a wonderful reminder of a vast spectrum of consciousness that lies beyond the limited perception of our thoughts. This wisdom shows there are inner capacities that infinitely exceed all learned knowledge.

Trust the pain. Pain is a sign. Simply listen to yourself and what it is revealing to you. The cure for the problem is indicated by the pain. Failure to read the early pains can create larger more problematic pains in the future.


What do we have to gain from exercise or outdoor living if we do not have enough awareness to open our pants belt that is constructing our breathing, blocking out food digestion and forcing our heart to pump blood through our impeded arteries? What good is organic food if you are not aware that the pain in your stomach is rejecting any food.

We suffer the tortures of the damned after a heavy meal. For hours, if not days, our body screams at us never to do this again. Yet we go on doing it. Are we unaware of our body’s rejections of the food? Not at all! If we examine our feelings as we gulp excess food, we do sense clear indication of nausea and repulsion. The message is there before we eat, as we eat and after we eat. But still we gorge ourselves.

Millions of us find it impossible to keep our weight down. Almost all of us can’t stop eating harmful foods. I would guess that three quarters of our population are uncontrolled goods or liquor freaks.

Ultimately our eating can only be dedicated by ourselves. Others may offer suggestions but only you and I can determine our food intake. Fad diets and outside advice are useless if they cause us to relinquish our self guidance. How often do we eat badly because we are not in touch with our needs; or even as an act of spite because we were denied the instinctual response to food in childhood and finally relinquished this right entirely?

It’s almost impossible to avoid all the food temptation around us. It takes Herculean effort to resist the advertising pressure by food manufactures, and the host or hostesses who would consider our refusal of food a lack of social courtesy. So we eat blindly.

Our bodies may demand that we quit eating or change our diet. Or even listen to the inner wisdom it’s telling us. But do we?


We spend months theorizing over the problem, without ever taking a moment to look to the pain itself for guidance. Our amazing intuitive energy is constantly there, vibrating every second, a perfect servant urging is on showing us the way to avoid serious illness. To be attuned. The inner self demands a return to trust in our inner self. We attune to a problem before we become ill.

Fear of pain, fighting pain, anger at pain, ignoring or masking pain will distort your response to pain. You cannot be impatient with pain. You must allow whatever time is required to permit it to perform its function.


1. Pain is a guide, not an enemy.
2. Pain tells you, you do not tell the pain.

The method by which we respond to pain is simply to feel it deeply and to respond to those feelings. We gradually induce the wisdom of the pain to automatically handle itself. Question yourself, what does your intuition say about your pain?

One suggestion when the pain message does not make itself readily apparent, it is helpful to intensify the pain mentally, in order to feel it more deeply.
Your inner heart. Your inner voice. Your inner mind. Your inner wisdom. They have the answer about your pain that you seek.

with gratitude,