The 15 Minute Female Orgasm

The 15 Minute Female Orgasm

This book is perfect for anyone who wants to master their big ‘O’.

I’m glad I caught your attention. This is a chapter from The Four-Hour Body by Tim Ferris. You’re going to love this one.

For almost all women, the most sensitive part of their vagina will be the upper left-hand quadrant from their perspective, around one o’clock from the man’s perspective.

Before we go any future, no man can give you an orgasm. He can only help you to do it yourself. Nailing the technique helps though men.

A woman has to be comfortable masturbating, playing with herself in order to know how to bring herself to orgasm. Men, encourage your women to play with herself. Maybe even report back to you how it was.

If you’re someone who struggles with bring themselves to an orgasm, tell your man that you’ve started (or have always) had a challenge orgasming. Men love a challenge. They thrive on wanting to fix a woman’s inability to have an orgasm. If you as a woman can’t orgasm, then read Betty Dodson’s book Sex For One, it’s the Ferris recommends about self-loving and I would agree with him

Your homework before you start this exercise is before going to sleep to masturbate in bed for five minutes. Not for the end goal of the big ‘O’ but to merely explore your body and to become more comfortable with yourself.

You need to know how beautiful and exciting you are in that state of orgasm and not feel the need to hide your expression. Some women can be embarrassed to show her “o face” to their partner. You think that the frowning, the squirming with your mouth wide open is ugly or unattractive, not remembering that men go nuts for it.

Have you ever wondered why men find it easy and women not so much t organsm. Here is some fun facts. In 1559 Realdo Colombo, of the University of Padua in Italy announced the discovery of the clitoris and planted his flag. “Since no one has discovered the projections and their working, if it is permissible to give a name to things discovered by me, it should be called the love or sweetness of Venus” Gabrielle Fallopian, Realdo’s successor, and later of fallopian tube fame, refuted his claim, as did Italians, Danes and every Y chromosome in between.

Hippocrates actually has Realdo beat more by 1,300 years, but the clitoris seems to periodically go into hiding, often for decades at a time. Is it real? Is it an illusion? Is it alive? Is it dead?

No wonder some women have struggled with their sexuality?!

Let’s get into the meaty side of the chapter.

Want to improve sex? Change the angle of missionary by using a wedged or firm pillow under the lower back and buttock of the woman. He is sitting on his heals with his knees spread. The lower he keeps his knees the better he will angle his penis to hit the g-shop. Using rhythm of 9 short half lengths and one full length is effective. Use the bottom of the opening of her vagina as a fulcrum for the penis, which will act as a lever. The woman should test (a) pulling her knees towards her chest to tilt her hips towards her, and (b) placing her feet flat on the bed to elevate her hips. One position will usually feel awesome, while the other will feel awkward.


  1. Change the angle of penetration so that the head of the penis makes more contact with the females g-spot, which is generally about a quarter (or 10 cents) inside and 2.5 – 5 cm inside the vagina on the top side. If the male inserts an index finger up to the knuckle (palm up) and makes a come here motion the fingertip should feel a sponge like tissue or be within an inch of it. This is the g-spot.
  2. Changing the pressure of the position so that the man’s pelvic bone is in direct contact with the clitoris.

Change the angle of penetration so that the focal point of friction is no longer at the head of the penis against the vaginal wall, but rather the man’s pubic bone on the woman’s clitoris. This kills two birds with one stone; the man can last longer and the women receives direct clitoral stimulation.

If you want to get fancy men, brace the abdominal muscles for direct clitoral stimulation.

Kissing, fondling, disrobing, whispering and requesting are all part of sex. Unfortunately, multi-tasking these actions often fracture the attention a woman needs to reach orgasm. We’ll develop singular focus through isolated practice, and It can later be brought into sex.


Ok, this is what you have been waiting for. Details about the 15-minute Female Orgasm

The technique requires 15 minutes of 100% concentration on approximately a 3-square millimeter of contact. Nothing more.

Explain to your partner that it is a goalless practice. This is 100% critical. There is no objective, just a focus on a single point of contact. This phrasing should be emphasized and remove all expectations and pressure. The only focus should be on short strokes. One short stroke after the other, rhythmically.

Time to get your groove on guys.

Get into position. First the woman will lie down and disrobe from her waist down using a pillow to support her neck. Her heals are together and legs fall to the side, if this is uncomfortable for the hips, place a pillow under one or each knee. Based on the premise that you can achieve the proper angle with your left hand, the man should sit to her right side on top of at least two pillows and straddle his bent leg over her torso. Don’t put pressure on her abdomen.

If you feel inclined to use your right hand, tilt your wrist a little as if you were looking at your watch to create a better angle.
Set the timer for 15 minutes. This removes performance pressure and sets a safe start and end container for the woman. The exercise is about focus and repetition.

Finding the upper left quadrant.

  1. Separate the labia
  2. Retract the clitoris with the right thumb by holding the hood back
  3. Put your left hand under her buttock, two fingers under each cheek, with the thumb resting on (not in) the base or entrance of her vagina (ring of introitus). This will act as an anchor and help the woman to relax.
  4. Imagine you are looking directly at the clitoris from between her legs, with the top of the clitoris at 12 o’clock on the clock face. Find 1pm Ideally a small indentation or pocket between the hood and her clitoris with your right hand’s index finger and begin stroking using the lightest touch possible and only 1.5 mm or so in movement. The tip of the finger is better than the pad, so cut your nails before.
  5. Once you find it she won’t be able to take more than very light touching.

Hopefully our goal is that a woman can feel comfortable in her own skin, until she finally feels free to express herself, show her beautiful ’O’ face to her man. Life is short and sex is an exquisite aspect of it.

Hugs and heart,