*Technically* I Can Predict The Future (True Story)

I did a palm reading course once.

Mmhmm. Truly. Got the certificate to prove it and everything.

I could throw a silky blanket over this table, slip on a few too many rings and pin a scarf on my head with a giant, sparkly jewel.

You could come to me wondering what great fame, fortune… or lurrrrve awaits you in your future.

I’d get all serious. Let a little frown crease my forehead. Maybe mutter a concerned “mmm” as I examine your heart line like it’s the Encyclopaedia {first_name}.

OOOOH. And I’d throw my hands up? And wail a little like I’m entranced, crying, “I SEE! THE SPIRITS! THEY WANT ME TO TELL YOU…”

…and then ‘come back to my senses’, leaving you on an epic cliffhanger.

(Side note: do you reckon I could get away with adding ‘clairvoyant’ alongside ‘counsellor and coach’ in my email signature? I’m not convinced. After just one course it seems a stretch.)

Anyway, fun times.

That said, I could still ‘predict’ stuff and drop gems of actual wisdom, like…

  • The secret of the female Oh-gasm
  • Messages from past lovers (and loved ones)
  • True, soul-inspired romance
  • Family fortunes and generational wealth
  • Weathering all manner of emotional storms as a power couple
  • And sooooo much more

After all, my years as a sex therapist and counsellor are worth their weight in (ostentatious) designer jewellery. Because wisdom learned through experience is still life-changing no matter how it’s packaged.

Of course, these days I do it all on Zoom calls. Minus the theatrics. And with people who want the real top-shelf wisdom, unadulterated.

Speaking of which, I’m running my famous intimacy masterclass on Wednesday Feb 3rd.

How’d you like to come to a soul reading (of sorts) with me? Predicting your own love-fortune. (Totally non-woo, but still VERY soulful. Because s.e.x. can be a soulful experience.)

For the record, yes – all those things I mentioned above, we’ll cover (except the generational wealth. Saving that one for the wealth masterclass coming up in a few months time. But extra portions of love insights and tips.)

Last time I ran this it was the hit of all our 2020 masterclasses. Most popular by far and got rave reviews.

So as a special for the 2021 class I’ve swollen the material, teased out the many, many climactic points… and thrown in a few more throbbing puns.

As you can tell – the class WILL get you there.

Run and grab your ticket for just $8 >

Getting in quick is – in this case – the right move.

(if you’re a current Maximum Growth member, no need to book – your seat’s reserved already.)

Oh and bring your partner for free if you live in the same household btw. You’ll BOTH appreciate the exercises… if you know what I mean. *wink*.

Have a sultry day, Leadership Coach

Counsellor & Master Certified Demartini Method Facilitator

Leadership Coach

Counsellor & Master Certified Demartini Method Facilitator,