Skeletons In The Closet

You have any skeletons in the closet?​

I do.

(And not the dancing buns-out in the bedroom on a Sunday kind.)

When I started my business, I leaned HARD on that affirmation, “I do whatever it takes and pay whatever price to bring my services of love to the world.”

Emphasis on “do whatever it takes.”

While I’m itching to give you the gory details, I can’t (because it would implicate certain others). But I can tell you that the pressure of someone finding out the juicy details of my past and plastering them over the church walls was a huge concern of mine.

Like those leaders who are now publicly denounced for tweets they made years ago.

Looking over your shoulder constantly does not make for a smooth ride. The self-judgement gnaws at your conscience, taking away time, focus and even ability to grow yourself or your business.

I remember it well. It kept me trapped for the first 4 years of my business.

No matter how hard I hustled or the deals I cut… I never seemed to crack my income ceiling because I was afraid of being seen, being noticed as my skeletons in the closet might come out.

That is, until I remembered the golden rule of business growth:

Ceilings are self-imposed.

(We don’t see the world as it is… we see it as we are.)

So I looked deeply at myself and my past actions. I took them out one by one and dissolved them until I fully loved myself for my choices in life. I dissolved the skeletons AND the closet they lived in. (If you’ve never done this, it’s like a slingshot for your growth.)

Fast forward a year…

I’d booked way more sessions than the year before (nearly double, in fact). And yet I wasn’t run ragged or constantly bailing on friends to field calls. I wasn’t even stressed.

And interestingly, some of the clients came to me with exactly the same problem I was hiding. Love that when you find order, others with disorder seek you.

Very much NOT the hustle I was told to expect would get me there, but more flow.

I was living what I believe is officially called, “THE DREAM”™.

See, people had been telling me to learn sales, or be all over social media, standard marketing stuff

I’d heard that I had to do all-the-things.

But the only thing I’ve invested in over and over and over again… is my mindset.

Because I KNEW when you just clear your baggage, you change your behaviour… and THAT lands you business.

It starts in your inner world.

And then I proved it again and again for the last 12+ years.

I’d say it’s magic, but it’s really just brain science.

Fewer blocks = more magnetism.

Magnetism = sales.

Some examples:

  • You conquer rejection because you’re clear on your mission. (And you won’t let others’ opinions get in the way.
  • You get platinum opportunities and clients because you have certainty in your worth. (Which makes people trust you and talk about you to the right people.)
  • You raise your rates because you see insights your customers can’t. (And they gratefully pay your fees.)
  • You expand your impact because your vision and awareness have grown. (Without forgetting where you came from or sacrificing your humility.)


It’s like the universe rushes to fill that void your subconscious has capped with a ceiling.

Like breathing a sigh of relief “finally… space for {first_name} to do more. BE more.”

(Relief that reduces wrinkles and makes you feel great.)

Listen. What I’m saying is, you don’t need more tools or an expensive seminar. You just need the space and structure to dissolve whatever’s in your way as it pops up.

Clear your blocks consistently and reap rewards consistently.

If you want any of that – more clarity on your business, more certainty in yourself, more income to match your (raised) worth… hell, even skeleton eviction (ok, ESPECIALLY skeleton eviction) – you’re going to jump into Maximum Growth Membership.

Here’s to leveling up in leadership.



Leadership Coach
Counsellor & Master Certified Demartini Method Facilitator