We broke a personal record here at Maximum Growth last week.

Most number of NEW students on a Masterclass EVERRRR. Can I get a Woop Woop! (Apparently everyone’s way more into shmexy talk than we realised. Lol. We’re so weird. I love that about us.)

Anyway, tonnes of work, but the crowd loved it. (Which is a crucial yardstick of impact in my books.)

So that’s the wins. Now, the overwhelm:

I posted about it in our FB group, and, well… look at the comments! I present to you, evidentiary exhibit A: Proof that something was Universally SIGNIFICANT last week:

Full context: in this McMassive meal of a week, our project to rebrand is the double-quarter pounder. The thick, juicy, gotta-be-cooked-right part. Cause if you’ve been paying attention AT ALL, you know our web presence needs just the teensiest truckload of love.

Which is super inspiring but also the tiniest bit scary (pre-requisite of all things worth doing, just quietly).

Few reasons:

1. I couldn’t help thinking, “I don’t know enough to make a decision” (I love learning, but we’re on a tight schedule here.)

2. It’s a BIG decision with long legs. This will be MG’s 24/7 red carpet look for years. Not the sort of thing you want to say, “that’ll do” and hope for the best.

3. Because it’s totally outside my expertise. Business mindset? Hell yes. Branding? Not so much.

And it’s not cheap. Do you know how much rebranding costs?

I have 7 quotes in my inbox ranging from $1.5k to over $35k. (Logo, colours, fonts, website design, development and a thing that I now know is called a brand book. Translation: like a digital style guide even a chimp could use to keep your biz lookin’ red-carpet ready.)

Which feels like a LOT of pressure. So I did what any human with feelings does: I had a mini freak out about how to make the right decision, crawled in a ball and cried.

And then I dissolved it (cause that’s what they pay me the big bucks for).

Which is when it clicked:

Ask an expert. Duh. I’m always connecting clients to specialists who love what they do. (Because there’s enough advice out there from people who are just in it for the money.) So, I made a few calls to friends. They asked me questions that pinpointed priorities, clarified my concerns, and hit the release valve on the pressure.

(So, exactly what I do with our members and clients for business mindset, they did for me with branding.)

Then, I settled on a little of an option I hadn’t even seen before: book the strengths from each.

Market research from one, brand design from another, site construction from another etc.

Crisis over. AND the perfect solution. Ahhh, the relief!

I don’t know why I hadn’t seen it before. I say this all the time when clients contact me about our membership. If you’re looking to grow yourself to grow your business – I’m your gal.

If you’re looking for yet another business tactic or strategy or hack… Google that shizz.

I guess I just needed a nudge (and that release valve) to make the connection.

And to prove the power of this spooky mindset stuff:

On Friday I had a meeting with the whole MG team to plan out our growth. For 3 hours we mapped out pure content GOLD.

Stick around, {first_name}, you’re in for a super inspiring ride here 🙂

Speaking of useful things: the moral of this story?

A lot of these lessons might sound familiar: Reach out to an expert when you’re feeling unsure. Find people who love what they do, and hang out with them. Be open to solutions you know exist but perhaps not in the context you’re used to.

But just knowing them is rarely enough. You gotta practice the basics.

Because you can’t build a burger without the bun. And you can’t master your life without the work.

Oh bonus lesson: remember to look for the wins, even when the pressure’s on. Cause they’re always there.

Just like I will be for you.



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Counsellor & Master Certified Demartini Method Facilitator