One Powerful Word

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Let’s have a hard conversation.

About “no.”

Yes? 😂

When you hear the word ‘no’ in sales, you’re meant not to take it as a hard ‘no’ but more a ‘no for now.’

Some people believe that it takes 7 ‘no’s’ from someone until they say yes.

Let’s spin it around to you being the one saying ‘no’.

Your initial response is no. Your second response is still no. Third, yep, it’s a no. Keep going and eventually you cave and say yes.

Was it your decision to say yes? Did you just subordinate to this individual’s wants and needs and disown your own? Or did you really want to say yes?

If people in your life learn they can push and receive the answer they want, of course they’re going to push.

Then you end up living under other peoples expectations of you which isn’t very inspiring.

No is a very empowering word. You create a sense of authority in your life by stand up or even against for something you want.

Sometimes you must say no more than once; while this may feel uncomfortable, it is really important to create strength and autonomy.

When you gently but firmly maintain your no, over time you’ll be living your truth.

What do you want to hold your ground to say ‘no’ to {first_name}? I’d love to hear from you.

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