Mini Test For You (What’s Your Number?)

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If I offered you $100 right now… or $1000 next week, which would you choose?

What if I said you only get the $100 after you’ve attended a full 8 hour class today? Or that you must show up for 30 minutes every day for the next week to get the $1000?

Would you change your answer?

There’s no right or wrong. Only 3 options:

  1. Do nothing (not great for you or your bank account.)
  2. Put in a lot of effort now but get an immediate – if smaller – reward.
  3. Make bite-sized efforts, consistently, and reap the bigger rewards later.

A useful exercise to monitor your emotional state.

If you’re stressed, you’ll go for the quick fix, thinking “overnight success” is in your grasp.

Or pick the delayed (more meaningful) gratification if you’re truly aligned to it. (And willing to eat the challenge required to get there.)

Cognitive dissonance tricks us – we think $1000 today is possible… even probable.

But “overnight success” – as you know – rarely happens overnight.

Right now, if your inbox looks anything like mine, you’ve got emails coming out your ears. Most screaming something or other about everything you can do in 2021.

The pressure is on.

Or not, if you listen to that long term inner voice.

And that’s the door I want to open in your mind today. (And prop open with one of those ‘door snakes’ your grandma used to use.)

A reminder to you that this year isn’t a sprint. You’ve got a whole 12 months spread on the table before you.

Do you buy into the hype and scramble to get things done? Or accelerate your momentum one bite at a time. Chip away at “overnight success” quietly, while most are off chasing shiny objects

Massive action or overexcitement will likely burn you out. So breathe. Edmund Hillary didn’t run up Everest, he walked. One thoughtful step at a time.

Oh, and remember: most people overestimate what they can do in a year and underestimate what they can do in 10.

Welcome to 2021!

Let’s climb some mountains.



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