I found a cause I want to dedicate my life to

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“You’re not a facilitator, you’re a gardener, you plant seeds and watch things germinate.”

That’s what I tell the coaches I work with who are challenged with the shifts you see with clients.

This isn’t a philosophy I read from somewhere, I know this to be true because people have planted seeds for me.

In 2015 when I completed my master certification in the Demartini method, at the Demartini Method Training program in Houston, I had a session swap with Amit, a savant and super aware facilitator (AKA a gifted gardener).

I can’t not remember what we worked on, just that a mighty oak tree planted that day. I knew something shifted because I reflected on that session for years to come and questioned myself “when will it be time to create my own signature program?

One of the stand out thoughts was feelings are a part of humanity. Sounds like nothing, but it has been a huge shift in me, to feel all the feelings, and share the message in the work that it is ok to feel too. Feeling is the very thing that makes us human, it helps us connect, celebrate, and live a rich life.

You can’t hide from feelings. Repressing them ain’t good for the body, numbing them ain’t good for life. Instead, it’s an empty, meaningless life.

I’ve definitely had a journey over the past 7 years to acknowledge and feel all the feelings. Then doing the work required to level up.

Another gold nugget of wisdom from the session was a statement Amit made as we wrapped up the session was “Tanya when are you going to create your own thing.”

It has been an idea percolating in the back of my mind for all these years.

I love the Demartini Method. It’s become a part of my thinking and a lens I view my world from that I’ll continue to share the work worldwide for a long time to come. Nothing will change there.

And, I have been dream in of my own thing for a while. When the idea popped into my head for the Power Walkshop a few years ago, it felt like something unique and different.

When it came to finally setting a date and making plans, I sat down to write the program.

I can only describe it as a flood of enthusiasm that ran through me and within a few hours the program was created.

It was as if I was guided to write the words down (do you get me or is this too woo woo weird for you?…. I own my weirdness 😂)”

You experience the Power Walkshop in the way it was written. The lessons, the people around you, the universe, the path guide you to your life purpose.

You don’t have to sit there contemplating what it is, because it is in your face, over and over again.

This program is unique because it combines the mind and body, the material and spiritual worlds, the head and the heart, attention and intention together in a practical (yet based on theory) to help your purpose unfold over the 5 days.

Plus, we sprinkle presence, certainty, lots of love and gratitude, into the days that you’ll have a new and profound way of living.

It’s not about a work purpose (although that may reveal itself), it’s about a life purpose.

I’ve found my signature program that I want to share with you.

If you’re keen to experience a soulful transformation, then come join us for the Power Walkshop in November 2022. Click here to find out more.


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