I felt compelled

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I saw this in my studies this week and it moved me that I felt compelled to share it with you. 

‘The soul has been given it’s own ears to hear things the mind does not understand’. Rumi

We try to use our smarts, our logically brain to understand and grasp things, but sometimes it is the exploration to a realm beyond logic that is needed.

Let me explain…

In our Coaches Class, each and every month we have coaches share their inner world, their blocks and challenges in starting, building and growing a coaching practice.

Our logical brain says, ‘ok, what is your plan, your service, your offer. How are you going to communicate with the outside world, on what platforms…’

All head stuff hey. 

And that is important.


Coaching is more than reason. 

Coaching is more than the mind. 

It is a deeply healing experience. 

It is an journey where you are connected to the divine. 

We help people to move through their heads into their hearts to access their soul, the divine. 

It is by moving deeper beyond the physical world, the sensing world to, one that can only be apprehended through the inner knowing of the soul.

This is where it whispers to you true wisdom.

A connection with the nature of your existence where you delve into the depths of your own souls.

It is from here you can cultivate your inner self, know your identity and know your path and purpose. 

It’s like the power is switched on. 

What sparked the idea inside me from the quote was to not only listen with our ears but also with our hearts, to perceive the whispers of the YOUniverse that eludes rational analysis.

This is where we discover the profound truths that is within us, and you have access to. 

I hope that this has inspired you with coaching a little more…

Until next week, 

Tanya x