I bent a spoon with my mind

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I bent a spoon with my mind on Wednesday.

Say what?!

I was given 5 tablespoons at the start of the Quantum Spoon Bending course on Monday.

I gave it my best effort to bend these metal utensils with all my might (so much so I had a vein popping out of my head I was trying so hard) but it did not budge.

They became my friends for three days, hanging with me everywhere I went. I felt connected to them, and even worried about them when I didn’t know where I put them.

Now, let’s get something straight about spoon bending ????.

It isn’t a scene from Carrie, where you look at the spoon, and it twists around in circles.

There is some action by touching the spoon that is required.

The part of bending it with the mind was using these;

  • Intention
  • Certainty
  • Focus
  • Energy
  • Belief
  • And the exponential power of love

Plus you’re in a meditative state too, accessing your higher powered self so that helps to access a greater power too.

Now, over the period of the three days, doubt flooded me. Doubt in the possibility of doing it.

What if I spent all this money and I don’t bend a spoon? Plus, 3 days away from my daughter is a lot for no outcome.

Like we do in Maximum Growth classes, I looked for the problem under the problem. It revealed doubt was a coverup for the drive to excel entangled with a fear of failure.

We have that in everyday life. We doubt if we can make money, grow our business, take a break for a moment and our business survive.

I became comfortable with failure. I realised there is only love (thanks to some divine intervention from a book I found). I owned where I have bent reality in different moments in life.

So, waking up on Wednesday, I felt certainty run through my veins.

We get ready to bend spoons for the first time.

I’m laying down, my spoons on my belly and flowing with the guided meditation.

After a while, I’m instructed to pick up the spoon. Our instructor says over the top of the meditation in a soothing voice, “treat your spoon like your lover.”

“Oh la la… how lucky is this spoon.” (nothing is missing moment, thank you very much universe).

Getting serious, I connected with my spoon, feeling it, being grateful for its existence, then started to feel like it was an extension of myself. I felt an enormous amount of love for this spoon. I began to rub the spoon like I was caressing my own arm.

Over a period of time, I could feel the energy in my fingers transfer to the spoon.

It wasn’t just two fingers, all my fingers felt like they were on fire. I’d touch the spoon in a different spot and the spoon would become hot.

I tried to bend the spoon, but nothing.

This could have been a deflating moment where I doubted I couldn’t do it, but my certainty about doing it outweighs my reality of not feeling it happen.

(that’s a life lesson right there – believing over your current reality!)

I kept talking to the spoon, imagining the particles vibrating with my touch. I kept repeating “bend” and tried again.


My internal cheer squad stepped in now, “Tan, you’ve got this.”

After a few more attempts, I pushed the spoon with some pressure it bent to a right angle and stopped in its tracks.

“Thank you spoon.”

Without hesitation, I picked up the next spoon, ready to go again.

Repeating my internal mantras, my certainty of the possibilities increasing, I attempt to bend the second spoon.




The third time, there was movement, a little more than last time.

Onto the third spoon.

This one was a little heavier than the first two. I touched this spoon for about 10 seconds and felt drawn to bend.

Without questioning, I touched the tip of the spoon, and this time, it felt as if it was liquid and bent with grace and ease all the way back to the handle in one fluid movement.

Round one is complete and we come out of round one of meditation.

Here is what I learned;

  • Even when something is fixed, it can also be flexible given different circumstances.
  • Focused energy builds momentum
  • And doubt cancels abundance and possibilities

So consider what you doubt as a possibility now?

And what would you like to shift in your mindset to create certainty in your life?

Something to ponder as we step into 2022.

With gratitude,



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