Have you lost a sense of self?

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When a person is stuck in the trauma of their past, they find it hard to imagine a future for themselves.


Coupled with the loss of identity, you question ‘who the hell are you?


Not having a sense of self can lead to a downward spiralling state of mind (think Alice in Wonderland – but you don’t go to such a wonderful place.)


For some people, their struggle is with choices they made in the past that have not aligned with who they want to be.


Some struggle with regretting the past.


Some do not love the skin they are in.


Whatever it is. The struggle is real.


What is common to these people is, they have a sense of stagnation.


Their identity is rooted in the past, and they can’t move forward. Time becomes this eternal loop. Stuck in the past.


When problems came up, it felt like a replication of a past problem.

Over and over again, unable to envision a solution.


Instead of dealing with the mayhem in their memories, they push them away.


Compress. Repress. Suppress.

All leading to depression. Depressed self.


It takes courage to review your life, face things that are painful, and ask quality questions to appreciate the choices you made under challenging circumstances.


It takes courage to draw a line in the sand to say, enough! No one else can make the change but me.


Yes, it is so difficult to face yourself.


But let’s face it (not you, but in a more general sense).


Facing it alone sucks.


That’s why we have doubled our Maximum Growth Community Co Working Space each week.


These classes give you an opportunity, when you are part of the membership, to join other like-minded coaches to do the work together. Face your staff as a team.


When you change any “you” statement to “we”, it gives a greater sense of belonging.


When you belong, you feel connected to a community, that people care, you feel less isolated and alone and can build connections and you get inspiration cooties to rub off on you.


So, when you have trauma, and you lose a sense of self, the next thing is to tell you that it will get better – but that means anything.


And in fact, it is only selling you a fantasy of the future.


But you want to imagine a future for yourself.

And you have to be willing to do the hard work to shift your perspective.

Because it is hard work staying where you are.

So you may as well roll your sleeves up, and get to work.


Come join us for Maximum Growth classes. The community co-working space is on 4 times a week, every week.


Be with others who are on the same journey.


Hang out with Justin, myself and the community.


Love to see you there. Hit “yes I’m in” if you show up next week.

Tanya “mind (and sometimes spoon) bending’ Cross – or just call me Bendy for short.