Have You Heard The News?

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Have you heard the news?

Elon Musk is selling all his possessions in his plight to colonise Mars.

A billionaire, who could have anything he wants in the world, has decided to downsize, and sell his last remaining home, a 47-acre Bay Area estate, hits the market for $37.5 million.

He now rents a home close to SpaceX so he doesn’t have to travel so far to work (that’s kind of a beautiful balance of travel close and travel a distance).

Here is a photo of his rental, being upgraded.

So what’s the deeper message here? To give up all your worldly possessions and join his ship?

I think not.

Here are some gold nuggets of wisdom;

  1. Focus on a meaningful mission that is not about the money (unless money is your top value, then go focus on money).
  2. What are you prepared to give up to get in return for your mission? Because you can’t gain without a loss (and vice versa). This man is willing to give up any luxury, any worldly possessions for his mission? Maybe you don’t feel inspired to go down that path, but perhaps you might give up a social life, or holiday time to meet your objective.
  3. I would say that he had a value shift, something has changed within him as he is reinvesting almost everything into business. But, on reflecting, this is his pattern. When he sold Paypal, he reinvested everything into Tesla and SpaceX. So it is not surprising that he has done this again. He has been tested in his mission. And it seems unstoppable.
  4. The last gold nugget of wisdom is the most important one of all. You can never have a meaningful mission without truly knowing yourself. When you know yourself, you can create a message around what is meaningful to you. Knowing yourself comes through awareness of yourself.

To be aware of yourself you have to go deep into what makes you, you. Dogen Zenji, writer and philosopher said, ‘the study of self is the study of all things.’

This is why, week after week, month after month, now year after year we focus on applying the Demartini Method, to dissolve our disillusions and resolve our resentments to have a transcendent experience and listen to the deeper message from our soul.

And this is why you are willing to be persecuted for your mission because you’d rather listen to your soul than your senses (which is trying to be liked and approved by people).

Now it is time to ponder, what is your inspired message which you would love to share with the world?

Here’s to looking up to the stars and wondering this weekend



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