Everyday Miracle Maker

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Everyday Miracle Maker

This book is perfect for anyone who wants to develop their intuition, raise their awareness and be a conscious life creator.

The world is made up of vibrations and you are picking up on those frequencies daily. What you choose to do with your life, who you choose to spend time with, what foods you eat and so on (and your perceptions around these) are what matters because you are absorbing its vibrational frequencies.

Silvana is an intuitive coach and while working with clients she explains she has a sensory response. She experiences reactions in her body that are messages for her to help her client. I love this, it’s tuning into much more than what the client is saying, how they are saying it and their body language. Just as the practitioner will feel their shift and heart open, they will feel their charges too.

She shares a story about a close friend’s mother who was in hospital in intensive care, had depleted energy and was losing a lot of weight. Silvana offered to make her a week’s worth of chicken soup. While preparing the food she blessed it with restorative qualities of healing and love. She pictured her mum sitting up in bed, loving her soup and getting stronger. Two weeks later her friends mum had refused all food but the chicken soup and told her daughter “I don’t know what’s in this soup but its making me feel a lot better.”

That’s powerful. It makes you think about the energy you are broadcasting at work, home, the conversations you have with people. What vibes are you giving off?

Deliberately choose to increase the quality of the energy you broadcast through your body into the world. This can be done through intention. The intention to change your thoughts to raise your frequency higher to create more miracles in your life.

There are three main perspectives to be mindful of when being in the creating space. There is withdrawing and inner reflecting, otherwise known as being a miner. This is hard work and laborious which means you cannot spend all your time underground. Next is a mountaineer, climbing mountains as a challenge and seeing from a higher perspective but eventually you have to come down. Lastly has a pilot, with a bird’s eye view of the sky but like any plane, eventually you have to land and refuel. Allow yourself to experience all three perspectives to be the most productive in creating without losing touch with reality.

Notice the signs and experiences along the way. There are many if you tune into your environment and the conversations you have with people. Keep a diary of the everyday miracles that you experience and have gratitude that the universe is always providing you with what you need.

There are 7 keys to becoming an everyday miracle maker.

Key 1: Soul
Key 2: Authenticity
Key 3: Intuition
Key 4: Gratitude
Key 5: Alignment
Key 6: Creativity
Key 7: Optimism


The souls greatest desire is love and wisdom. The soul’s mission is having a human life to gain wisdom through its experience to know love. The quality of your life is determined by the quality you allow your soul to guide your decision making. I love this. The quality of your life is about how much you listen to your inner authority, not the outer authorities. If we don’t know what to do, the smart thing is to hit the pause button, move to the sidelines and
review your plans. Sometimes it’s about making adjustments and sometimes it’s about playing a different game on a different court. You can only hear this in the silence.


Every relationship is built on the quality of relationship you have with yourself. Hell yeah! Then the less charges you have on you, the less people push your buttons, the more you love you, the more you love others.

Everyday miracle makers know their daily work is about learning when and how to shift their vibrational frequency in their beliefs, thoughts, actions and language to bring them into alignment with what they desire.

Sometimes because of others’ expectations we can lose sight of who we are and what is right and true for us. When we are inauthentic it depletes us of energy. When we are authentic, it gives us energy. Identify the person you would love to be in your inner and outer world (ensure they match) and you’ll find authenticity.


When you can’t see it, sense it. Beautifully said. Your intuition sources information from many places. Depending on your intuitive development, your intuition can tune into information about people, places, events and things and is not constrained by time, space or retained information.

Learning to interpret your intuition takes time but it is a skill anyone can learn. If your intuition guides you about something stay true to what you feel. Pressing the override button is not a good idea as the more you shut it down, the less likely it is to turn on. Your intuition knows what you need, even when you think you know what you want. Spend time developing it.


Gratitude comes from the heart. It’s valuable shown and spoken. To experience gratitude as a feeling, hold an intention and focus your attention at your heart center. Gratitude amplifies your vibrational frequency. Practice it daily.


Alignment is being in agreement. When your beliefs, thoughts, actions, and language reinforce each other, you’re aligned. This produces a feeling of certainty that you’re on the right path and that all your energy is travelling in the same direction.

The cause of much pain and suffering is caused by the illusion that were separate from others. We are connected to everyone, the energetic links we have with people, places, event and things travel both ways – like a link between
your computer and the internet.

Choose to think differently when you are in a challenging situation as you have the power and ability to raise your vibrational frequency of any emotion you experience by choosing to think differently.


When you are in a creative zone, you don’t have stress. In your creative zone, you get to be a conscious creator in all areas of your life. Spend more time doing things that are creative. While doing work listen to inspiring uplifting music to help raise your vibration and transfer the vibration into you, and into your work.


Growth is uncomfortable and an essential part of life.

Healing happens on many levels. You can heal with imagination and intention. Whether your child or someone you know is struggling with a health condition, or a parent or grandparent is frustrated and sad about their lack of mobility or independence, in situations like these and others, everyday miracle makers can use their imagination and broadcast vibrational frequencies of healing intention towards the person in need or to themselves. If this is a thought that seems implausible, then read The Field Summary.

You are responsible for developing your self-awareness. As you become aware of raising your vibration and shifting frequencies to more optimal ones you develop powerful life skills that bring you what your soul desires. Tune into the world around you and within you.

Turn your light up and together we will light up the world.

with gratitude,