Ever felt like an imposter

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How many times do you hear “fake it until you make it.” ?

And you take the advice and pretend to be better than you are. Then people buy into it and inside you struggle. You wonder if you will be caught on how much you don’t know.

This is the fastest way to imposter syndrome.

How would you ever feel like you are yourself, and that it is ok to make mistakes in your business if you think you have to be the best – and perfect. Or you have to constantly prove yourself to people. It would be exhausting.

Imposter Syndrome is the talk of the town. And many people in business can connect with it.

In our Maximum Growth classes, we are big on finding the problem under the problem. Imposter Syndrome is the label, but what is going on in your psyche to create this way of being?

Here are the top three problems.

  1. You are expecting to be an expert at the beginning of your career. Imagine you expected to be a black belt and you were still on your white. Impossible to live up to.
  2. You have high standards of yourself, even boarding on perfectionism, which means you struggle to make mistakes.
  3. You suffer from comparisonitis and play small to others, which dampens your brightness.

Imposter Syndrome is feedback for you.

It is telling you to let go of trying to be impressive and perfect.

People love being real, they love mistakes and it shows you are human.

If you set incredibly high standards, then you’ll never live up to them and continue the cycle of not feeling enough.

People are always going to be more experienced than you, more beautiful or handsome, have more money, more business. That is life. But it doesn’t have to mean you are not worthy of having all of that too. You just have to work for it.

So hold off on beating yourself down when looking in the mirror and live by this motto – face it until you ace it.

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