Unlocking My Purpose: No More Hiding

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Hi {Name},

Two weeks ago, I finished 5 days of learning the Demartini Method.

You’d think, after attending a program 16 times, that you might not learn anything new, but, here we are, with the most significant learning to date. 

Let me share it with you.

I learned some refinements, which I will share in the end, but the most significant thing was how inspired I was to share my knowledge and expertise with newbies, and even the old ones returning. 

My body was alight with energy, and ideas inspired my mind. I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the opportunity to help other coaches master their craft so they can go out into the world and serve (have you ever felt this way {Name}?).

For a coach to be able to learn about finding the program under the problem is profound


In one session, the client was charged with her mum demanding she buy medicine and bring it to her. The facilitator was working on entitlement. 

I jumped into the breakout room about an hour in. As I listen, I hear that entitlement (a label anyway) isn’t the issue. The issue was her Mum hadn’t listened to her about taking medicine and wanted her to take the alternative path, and she was charged that she didn’t listen. And now the medicine was contributing to her sickness.

That’s the real charge. Because if Mum had asked her to get food as she ran out or supplements she supported, she would have done it.

Finding the problem under the problem pays. You get to the real issue faster, serve the client the most, and get deep fulfilment as a coach. 

Sessions like this allow the facilitator to open up to a new dynamic, see the layers of charges the client has, and then know, with certainty, which one to work on to get the biggest bang for their buck – wow! I feel like I’m on purpose.   

Not every day, you attend a program, and it broadens your horizons and reshapes the way you view the world.

So why is this so meaningful?

Let’s backtrack to February when Justin Wiseman joined MG. We had set out a plan to serve Business Owners and said we didn’t want to niche down any further.

As we have been building and growing, something didn’t click. It felt like we were on the highway we wanted to be on, but not the lane (if that makes sense?!)

Then, after day two, Justin and I connected on the phone, and I shared my experience of the last two days, and then I realized something I was certain about…

Let’s niche with coaches. 

Justin had been having the same thoughts the past few days.

It seems obvious, but you have to look at what your life has been demonstrating and build a business around it. 

Most people try to build it around a strategy or tactic they have been told, like Facebook, but that isn’t their thing. 

My life has shown evidence of this for the past 14 years, from team leading to managing the facilitators to training them online to building Maximum Growth, and my favourite class is the Coaches class. 

It is so difficult as a coach to niche because you have a deep desire to help. 

Let’s stop thinking that you want to help everyone because you can’t. 

Maybe, deep down, you don’t want to niche because it’ll get boring just working with one type of client, but remember, people are so diverse.  

Or maybe you think there isn’t enough work, when there is plenty when you fish in the pond (or ocean) your clients are in. 

Importance to a niche. 


Here are some questions to help you to refine your niche.

  1. What evidence has demonstrated your life as necessary when you have been coaching?
  2. What client sessions have you had where you felt most alive and aligned?
  3. What area do you feel challenged and supported in most?

If you want a third-person perspective, check out this Forbes article on niching. 

If you love these questions and you’re keen to narrow in on your niche with us, come/upgrade to the Business Class here.

So, swinging back to the Demartini Method Training Program. It was more than just an educational program to upskill; it was a gateway to a world of purpose, a key to unlock the doors of my true self, and an opportunity to explore the depths of my own potential. 

  1. A place to apply work to develop mastery of self
  2. Upskill in coaching, so that you can have mastery in your work with others
  3. A community to learn and grow with

Love to see you in class, 

Tanya x 

Leadership Coach & Master Certified Demartini Method Facilitator

BAppSoSc (Counselling)
Maximum Growth

P.S. Here are my top three learnings from the Demartini Method Training Program

  1. When a client finds secondary and tertiary benefits/drawbacks for a moment, ensure that they are still linked to the primary experience, not the primary benefit.
  2. If someone is stuck owning the trait, action or inaction, it is because they have an exaggerated label on them, so go to column 5/12 first.
  3. Find benefits/drawbacks to your values at the time of emotional change, not to the values you have written in the Demartini Method Form. Buuutttt, I would say we find benefits to both (fits with finding how it was ‘on’ the way (to what’s meaningful to you today).