Chocolates, Ping Pong And Keith Urban

I’m writing this on a plane to Coffs Harbour.

You won’t read it until Sunday (it’s Friday right now – hello from the past!), but my fingers itched to get this down. Because when inspiration knocks, you listen.

My partner, Aaron, is snoozing next to me. Looking dashing with that ‘headrest tilt’ and signature plane nap move: the slackjaw half-snore.

I could probably float a ping pong ball on his exhales.

(Alas – no space for pingpong next to the bottles and blankies for Bonnie, my daughter. #priorities)

And of course, by the time you read this, it’ll be Feb 14th. Which is one of the only universal holidays that you might love one year and dread the next.

But that’s only partly why Aaron and I haven’t planned anything for each other for the big V-day.

I don’t really like chocolate. Or flowers. Or wine. (Keith Urban tickets on the other hand, I will enthusiastically accept.)

Besides, the spirit of today isn’t about big or expensive displays of affection.

Really, it’s a day for celebrating love, which is why we’re investing our weekend with Aaron’s mum. She’s getting older and a little forgetful. And we want to make sure she has as much Bonnie time as possible.

Because that’s something worth living more years for.

See, romance is beautiful but true love and appreciation… that’s unconditional. And you can share it with anyone. Not just your partner. (Though please do share your love with them. Vigorously!)

So. Whether you’re picnicking like lovebirds with your partner, or seducing a pint of Ben and Jerry’s like it’s your stand-in soulmate…

Reach out to the people who matter to you today. Let them know they matter.

Because that’s all every one of us wants, really. To know we’re special to someone. We’re loved.

And hey – {first_name}, YOU matter to me. You give my life meaning. So thank you for being you.

Have a love-filled day.



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PS – quick idea for a ‘last minute’ present today: write a love letter to someone you care deeply about. Partner, parent, friend, brother (yes, bromance counts), teacher… whoever. You don’t have to wax poetic or anything. Just write from your heart. What they mean to you, why you love them, what you love about them. I guarantee it’ll fill up your heart and theirs today. And if you can’t think of anyone, your words are always welcome here, with me.