18 Reasons To Be Grateful Today

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Today is a day to be present with all the gifts and gratitude available to you.

Here is a few from the team at MG to you,

  • The fresh start you’re given every second of the day
  • The gifts from nature
  • The freedom to choose
  • Opportunities for growth
  • The challenges that allow you to grow
  • The ever-present opportunities to make wise decisions
  • The gift of language and being able to communicate
  • The ability to learn from the past and step into the future with the new learnings
  • The “haters” who helped you build resilience by saying, “No, you can’t!”
  • The random smile that got you through your last impossible day
  • The inspiration that sweeps you out of your comfort zone
  • The people who’ve dedicated their lives to inspiring others
  • The pain that reminds you of the need to change
  • Each failure that led to your achievements, and everyone who encouraged you to keep going
  • The impossible, for inspiring us to expand our limits
  • The ability to change your whole life with one single thought
  • The option to be grateful no matter where you are or what you’re experiencing
  • The gift of being alive

Have a beautiful day, and inspiring finish to 2022. 

Much love,


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