What’s Your Story?

I’ve been feeling flat this week.

It’s not that I’ve lost inspiration or anything. Far from it. The sessions I’ve had this week definitely kept that pep in my step.

One in particular stands out: a member of my family who shared how one thing I said when we were 9, gave him the will to keep living. At the ripe age of 9! (Talk about a kid counsellor.)

Moments like that make me realise you never know the impact you have.

And here’s the real kicker – especially the longevity of your impact.

We might see so little of our impact in any given moment. But the ripple effects? The ones that emerge as a byproduct of your initial action? They’re almost infinite.

So, if you’re wondering, “what’s the point of it all”… let this be your reminder. Keep being you and follow your heart.

You mean more than you know to the people you touch.

Ok, back to why I was feeling flat this week for a second: I think it’s because of where my focus went. Like anyone who’s on a mission, we have big goals for 2021 here at MG.

And when you’re stretching beyond your comfort zone, it’s easy to focus only on numbers: followers, subscribers, dollars, clients – and if you’re corporate – market share, etc.

Those are important, yes.

But there’s one metric that defies data, yet is worth tracking:

Why you began in the first place. Not necessarily your grand vision. But that little kernel of ‘why’ inside you.

One big belly laugh in our marketing meeting was all it took for me. I remembered the lightness I want to evoke in this community. And that connection to something greater than ourselves.

So… coming full circle to our subject line today:

What’s YOUR story, {first_name}? Why did you start your business?

Remember why you’re really doing this. Is it for those things you can reduce to a number? Or about something you truly care about? SomeONE, even?

Doesn’t have to be pages or paragraphs. Or even beautifully articulated.

Maybe it’s as simple as, “to spend more time with my family” or “because I truly love changing people’s lives”.

No matter how big or small, just hold onto that truth: be you. Follow your heart.



Leadership Coach
Counsellor & Master Certified Demartini Method Facilitator