Sharing my big news with you

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Firstly, this is a long post and, just in case you were wondering, this post is sponsored by caffeine and my undying appreciation for writing.

Being in the service business, we can sometimes get the balance out of whack.

Running a service-oriented business often requires a delicate balance between doing what you love and delegating responsibilities to others.

It is especially tricky when you are a new business owner and trying to strike the balance between saving money (and you doing the work) and investing in others to grow the business.

Striking this balance is essential for growth and success, as it allows business owners to focus on their strengths while leveraging the skills of others to expand their reach.

For me in 2022, the balance was waaaaaaay off. I was working 12 hours a day, plus being a mum to Bonnie, which meant working until past midnight most nights, very little time for much else.

My head was so full of a million things that needed to be done and I was stretched beyond my limits. It would have been OK for a month, but rolling into the fourth month in a row was starting to take a toll.

I dropped the ball, I made mistakes, I sent emails to the incorrect list, the timing was off in calendars. It was a hot ball of mess. (thank you for your patience too)

On one hand, I love what I do and that I sincerely care about my clients and that is the driving force behind business.

But the day that I realized that I was ‘burnt out’ and I couldn’t take another client session was the day something had to change.

I took four weeks off work (only a week extra than originally planned) and I got to work. The focus: How to strike a balance between doing what I love, building a business – oh and getting my life back again. 

As the universe provided, I had an all-expense trip for five days to Salt Lake City, so I took the opportunity to deeply reflect on my life.

If I solely relied on personal inspiration for growth and sustainability, I’m limiting myself.

My struggle was with areas of business that I didn’t love. I wasn’t paying attention either. I couldn’t keep up with the demands of running a business alone.

Delegation is critical for growth and sustainability. By empowering others to handle routine tasks and responsibilities, you  free up time and resources to focus on more strategic initiatives.

Additionally, delegations can bring new perspectives and ideas to business, helping to drive innovation and growth.

I wanted to delegate more, but I wanted to delegate in a way that meant the people who worked with me were equally invested in growing Maximum Growth as I was.


That is when an idea popped into my head. Justin Wiseman, a dedicated student at Maximum Growth, a business owner, a coach, would be a perfect fit in business. We have complimentary skills inside of business while sharing a love of coaching, universal principles and self-development. It’s the perfect business partnership.

We started a conversation and you know when you know that you just know.

It was like that. Roll on seven weeks later and Justin is now an equal partner of Maximum Growth. (check out the Facebook post if you missed it).

We are now able to leverage the strengths of each other, plus our automation queen Clavel who joined MG at the beginning of the year, so that we are able to grow Maximum Growth and lead the community in an inspiring way.

I am not recommending nor saying everyone has to get a business partner to grow. I know for my private coaching business, I don’t need someone to partner with, I can do that with the help of my executive assistant and some great processes in place.

But as Maximum Growth is a business, we have to adapt and evolve as the business grows.

This year is about doing more of what I love, filling all my buckets up, not just with work, but family, friends, fitness and striking the perfect balance between all my values being fulfilled.

How about you?

How’s the balance in your life going? Is there too much of one thing? And not enough of something else?

Curious to know, hit reply and let’s see how we can help you strike the perfect balance so you live up to the light that is within you.


Tanya Cross

Leadership Coach & Master Certified Demartini Method Facilitator
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Justin and I are doing
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