My Wisdom came at a cost.

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My wisdom came at a cost. 

I’ve been through:

+ parents divorcing 

+ not seeing my biological mother for most of my pre-teen & teen years 

+ all kinds of unwanted sexual experiences

+ divorce 

+ physical and mental abuse in a relationship 

+ eating disorders 

+ suicide attempts 

+ panic attacks 

+ death

+ so broke and getting food from the Salvation Army 

+ major depression 

+ self-harming 

+ relationship breakup 

+ relationship breakup 

+ relationship breakup 

+ relationship breakup 

+ relationship breakup (that’s not a glitch – I’m an expert at those)

Oh the trials. 

The tribulations. 

The fire I’ve been in. 

The fire that’s been under me. 

The fire has run through me. 

And yes. It’s created me. 

But it hasn’t been easy. 

I have built bridges, made connections, and worked my arse off to appreciate the underlying hidden perfection (twelve years of a line, on average a week of applying the Demartini Method). 

The insights that have been birthed from these make me appreciate that in the deepest darkness, there is light. 

And that in every moment, there is a purpose. 

Let me say that again, just in case you missed it. 

Every. Single. Moment. Has. Purpose. 

Every seed sits in darkness before it’s birthed. 

Without my darkness, I wouldn’t have the wisdom to share with you. 

If you’re wondering about something you have been through and would love to find the deeper meaning, hit reply, I’m here for you. 

Tanya x

Leadership Coach & Master Certified Demartini Method Facilitator

BAppSoSc (Counselling)

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