Master These 3 Skills To Grow Your Business

Imagine running your own business like playing the piano. You have to master many different keys at the same time. 

However, you can’t hit all the keys at once, it would sound horrendous.

But if you want to master your business, these three skills will help you play a beautiful tune.

  1. Challenge Yourself To Take Risks
    To level up in your business, you must continue to challenge yourself.Challenges keep you thinking, strategising and growing.With challenge, comes risk. We tend to be risk-averse but as a business owner making decisions about which risks to take and what to avoid is a skill.

    Successful entrepreneurs take risks. You have to in order to grow.

    Every risk comes with a downside and opportunities. You take a risk when you believe the benefits far outweigh the potential downsides.

    Learn how to identify which risks are worth taking, which ones you want to avoid to become a more masterful business owner.

  2. Learn To Public Speak 

    When you think of the most important skills for a business owner, public speaking probably isn’t the first thing you think of, but it is vital.It’s not a skill immediately necessary for someone starting a business. However, as you master this skill, you have the ability to share your message with more people, which can directly impact the growth of your business.Public speaking skills can help you not only speak in public, but speak in Facebook communities, to potential clients and even to your team.

    The reason this skill is most avoided is because it is intimidating. We want to avoid being judged or feeling humiliated. In our Maximum Growth Business Class, we worked on the fear of public speaking this past week.

    Public speaking is also a learned skill. I did my time at Toastmasters International®, an organization dedicated solely to helping members improve their skills through workshops and mock presentations called Table Topics® sessions each week at local clubs worldwide. Or check out this article from the Science of People for speaking skills to master.

    In our Business Membership, our class was focused on “Getting a paid speaking gig.” The group included a new coach, an author, an actor, a singer. All who were able to remove the growth ceiling to go to the next level.

    If you’re keen to jump into class before our doors close in October and won’t reopen until April, then check out the

    Business Membership here and we will no longer offer monthly billing. Get in quick.

  3. Finances 

    One of the most important skills for any business owner is accounting.It is the most important and sometimes the least looked at part of the business.As a business owner, you want to understand the profit and loss statements and taxes so you can make informed decisions about where to spend money.

    No point spending all your money and having scrapes left to pay yourself wage.

    You don’t have to know the accounts at an accountant level, that is why you hire accountants. You have to know enough to make informed decisions.

At the end of the day, you want to know you are singing your own tune in business.

Focus on what you do best, and grow these three skills and you’ll increase your income and impact on your business. 

Until the next perfect time,



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