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You have a love to serve.


Business is not your jam.

Marketing, finance, or operations—it can feel like stepping into an entirely different and uncomfortable world unless you come into coaching with a background in sales, marketing, or something that directly supports your business.

Either way, business is outside of your comfort zone.

Embracing the business side can be daunting because it requires a different skill set.

Business demands you sometimes shift from a people-centric to a process-centric approach, dealing with admin, emails, automation, and operational tasks.

You have to have a priority shift.

Instead of deep diving into human behaviour, people, the mind, and methodology, you’re not in the trenches of learning about client avatars, sales funnels, google ads…

Plus, with budget constraints and being a one-person show, it’s not always commercially viable or profitable to invest in a team.

At some point in your coaching career, you must transition from being just a coach to owning a coaching business. This often forces you to stop thinking as an individual and start thinking as a business owner.

Imagine owning a product business without understanding the finances, having no processes in place for orders, or knowing what to communicate to customers about refunds or promotions. If you were in that situation, you’d feel overwhelmed and stressed, likely reluctant to grow or scale up your business.

Your coaching business is the same.

Embracing the business side of your coaching practice, while daunting, is essential and a profound opportunity for growth.

For me, it’s like my own personal development boot camp, where I learn to tackle complex challenges, create order, and grow.

As a coach, you already value learning and personal growth.

Applying this mindset to your business means integrating what you know, making your business a true reflection of you.

When you embrace the reality that you are not just a coach but a business owner, you’ll see that your business is an extension of your service.

Investing in yourself and your business enables you to harness its full potential, allowing you to make a greater impact through your coaching.

Remember, your business isn’t just a business—it’s a mission.

But don’t die with the music in you and know you have more to give.

Build an aligned business that reflects who you are to help you share your service with the world.

Tanya x

Leadership Coach & Master Certified Demartini Method Facilitator

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