Is It Ever Ok To Compare Ourselves? (Even to teens?)

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When you’re focused on a goal, pouring effort and energy into getting somewhere, it’s easy to feel… inadequate. To begin comparing yourself when things don’t come quick enough.

Like to a 16 year old on Tik Tok who has way less experience than you, yet talks to 1.7 million people per day, and can ‘print money’ by making a single post.

“Was I absent the day they handed out the income and impact Miracle Grow?” You might think.

And yet, you know something that teen doesn’t, {first_name}. Something that can ONLY be learned through the inexorable march of time. Years of hard-won lessons when all your chips were down.

Your kernel of wisdom, {first_name}, is this:

Validation, fame, riches… they’re not notches on the doorframe of meaning.

The WORK is the reward. The results are icing.

(Especially useful when you’re on benefit #127 in your Demartini Method and still looking for the one gusher that crumbles the house of cards.)


If you find yourself comparing, or flagging in your inspiration, or trying to ignore a tiny whisper saying, “who am I to do this? WANT this?”…

Think of all the things you’ve already achieved. The tenacity, grit, inspiration, and love you’ve poured into yourself already to get here. And let THAT be your validation. Your certainty. Your own personal manifesto that, “no matter where I’m at right now, I’m always worth the effort to take the next step.”

Remember to pause and smell the roses, {first_name}.

And then take. that. step.