Intelligent guesses only (a business question)

You’re a smart cookie – take a guess:

What do you think is the least sexy idea in business growth?

Tax strategy? Insurance and indemnity?

If you ask me… I’d say it’s the one that gurus find the hardest to sell because it doesn’t hit you with an instant dopamine fix:

Doing the work.

Not “hustle”, because that leads to burnout. (And got romanticised by Gary Vee, which is why it sells.)

Not “work smarter” because that’s too subjective. (What is “smart”, anyway? 4 hour work week stuff? Even Tim Ferris doesn’t do that.)

Just this:

Do what you know will turn you into the person you need to be to get what you would most love to have… 10% faster than is comfortable. Because maximum growth occurs at the border of support and challenge. You can handle 10% right?

(See? Unsexy. But true.)

The thing is, the masses don’t rush toward truth. They eat up fantasies.

Sidenote: this is why I built the Maximum Growth membership on doing the work. I love helping those who want an inspiring income and impact, get it by doing work that breaks their ceilings. It’s what I’m known for. But it’s not for the masses. They’re not like you and I who are willing to chip away until we arrive.

Back to the gurus for a second:

They know this truth – that consistently doing the work is the key to all success – but they still sell the fantasy or run mostly one-off events instead of multi-month programs. (Which require more of their personal time and input.)

Even though in their own businesses they’ve proven to themselves that long term application has an astronomically higher probability of personal and business growth.

(Let me clarify – there’s a place for seminars. I love them too. But the foundation of growth has always been action.)

I’ve worked closely with them. Spoken on their stages.

And as the years went by I realised, I can’t keep waiting around until someone runs another event for me to level up (either as a presenter or an attendee). Neither can humanity. Or anyone who’s inspired to make an impact and leave a legacy.

I’m inspired by the message I want to bring to the world. And I’ve got work to do to make that happen.

I owe it to myself to do what I can to bring my soul’s calling into the world. Which means taking consistent action, no matter how small. Not relying on someone else’s schedule.

You also have a mission that belongs to and requires you. Even if you’re not quite 100% clear on what it is yet.

It will be your life’s work – the things your children know you for, that the world thanks you for, that you’re handsomely, financially rewarded for.

And that takes work.

Slow, consistent work, but the payoff is guaranteed growth.

Unsexy, simple, and yet the key to your most inspired, expanded life.

If there’s one message you take away from this email today, make it this: do the work. Not all at once, but spread out over the long term. So you can bring all of you to the world, without burning out.



Leadership Coach
Counsellor & Master Certified Demartini Method Facilitator