I’d never been so scared

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I was so scared.

I couldn’t sleep.

I’d wake up in the middle of the night with my brain running a million miles an hour.

I was more than scared.

Making the leap.

Into the unknown.

But deep inside, I’d had a calling to change, but I didn’t want to hear it.

I wasn’t ready.

I resisted.

I insisted, ‘No’, it’s not the right time.

But deep down I was really thinking what if it fails, what if people don’t want my service, what if everyone says no.

I open my feed, and it’s coach after coach after coach.

The markets flooded.

Who am I to do this?

But the inner voice persisted.

My animal mind couldn’t drown it out.

Then it happened.

One day, 9 months ago, while attending the Demartini Method Training Program, I was drawn into a room with two newbie coaches.

I coached the coaches, and an intense fire lit inside me.


This is what I’m born to do.

Teaching, educating, training, coaching, and serving.

A blend of all five.

To help coaches share their service with the world.

Lights my heart on fire.

And that moment of calling Justin.

“I have to share something, and it’s really scary to admit”.

Patiently, he waited.

“I want to coach coaches”.


“I was thinking the same thought this morning”.

Tears filled my eyes.

That was the day the decision was made.

But it took 9 months for us to reposition Maximum Growth’s marketing, message, the Academy to match our new vision.

Working quietly while no one else is watching, creating training, courses, and content so coaches can do their inner work to shift their business.

It’s inspiring to see a coach create and build their own business.

They get to express themselves in the world.

So Sunday, a few weeks ago, I’m lying in bed.

I’m still scared.

But what I have is certainty.

Certain about the lane we picked. Certain with the direction we’re going. Certain with whom and how we’d love to serve.

I’m settling into being scared.

It’s a part of the transition process.

But each day I take the next step, I fill my heart with the love of service and the service of love.

And everything can be taken away, the business, clients, income but my love to serve will remain.

Tanya x

Leadership Coach & Master Certified Demartini Method Facilitator

BAppSoSc (Counselling)