I Can’t Believe This Happened

Have you ever sat down to do ‘the work’ but then…


Oh, you forgot your water. 


Off you go to fill up your bottle.  


Back at your Demartini Method form, you start thinking about what you want to work on. 


A colleague? A friend? A leader?…’


Your phone beeps with a notification.     


You check it. It’s a message from a client. Better respond. 


Back to form again. 




What’s that sound? 


Rumble. Rumble. 


What’s going on? Where is that sound coming from? 


Rumble. Rumble. Rumble.


Of course! It’s my belly! 


Better go eat. Can’t work when I’m hungry.  


Off to make a snack.


And then you’ve 30 minutes into applying the Demartini Method and you haven’t even selected the trait, action or inaction. 


This was me recently when I went to sit down to do the work. 


But what’s going on? 


Distraction. Yes. That’s obvious. 


Seeking pleasure. At times. Yes.


Let’s deep dive into this as I know you’ve had moments like this in your journey of applying the work. 


What’s the problem behind the problem?


  1. Afraid of shining your light in the world? Because with you light comes accountability and responsibility. And that’s scary.
  2. Worried about the changes to your life? Maybe it’s outgrowing your life, your philosophies, your friends. Maybe it means less time with your children. Not embracing the change and holding tightly onto the current experience. 
  3. Comparison with how sllllloooowww you are at doing the work compared to others. But this old chestnut isn’t something that shows up here when you’re doing the work when you do business, friendships, or life. 


Have you thought of this {name}… 


Maybe how you show up and do the Demartini Method is how you do life? 

  1. Run from it 
  2. Stay stuck 
  3. Talk about it but don’t do it
  4. Devote to it and stick at it even when it’s tough


Maybe all these show up in your life where you run from challenges and problems, choose to stay stuck and not move, mentally masticate but don’t take action in business and life, or devote to the things that you value, roll up your sleeves and do the hard work that it takes to grow and get your service to the world. 


Marriam Williamson said it perfectly ‘We are more afraid of our light than our dark.’ 


But a little wisdom from Abraham Lincoln “you’re not bound to succeed, you are bound to live up to the light within you.”  




Here are some Demartini Method Questions you can ask yourself.


  • If not now? When?


  • If not, who? Why not you? 

So, in those moments of distraction, when you find yourself avoiding work that could potentially change your life… 


Remember, Maximum Growth is here, week in, week out to hold your hand or your feet to the fire to do the inner work. 


And if you are scared, if you are resisting, just on the edge of that is greatness


It’s time to shine brightly, to step into your power, and to share your story with the world. The world needs your light, and it’s your responsibility to let it shine.


The journey will be worth it.


Tanya ‘Counsellort’ Cross


Leadership Coach & Master Certified Demartini Method Facilitator

BAppSoSc (Counselling)

Maximum Growth