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I did a palm reading course once {Name}.

Mmhmm. Truly. Got the certificate to prove it and everything.

I could throw a silky blanket over this table, slip on a few too many rings and pin a scarf on my head with a giant, sparkly jewel.

You could come to me wondering what great fame, fortune… or lurrrrve awaits you in your future.

I’d get all serious. Let a little frown crease my forehead. Maybe mutter a concerned “mmm” as I examine your heart line like it’s the Encyclopaedia {first_name}.

OOOOH. And I’d throw my hands up and wail a little like I’m entranced, crying, “I SEE! THE SPIRITS! THEY WANT ME TO TELL YOU…”

…and then ‘come back to my senses’, leaving you on an epic cliffhanger.

(Side note: do you reckon I could get away with adding ‘clairvoyant’ alongside ‘counsellor and coach’ in my email signature? I’m not convinced. After just one course it seems a stretch.)

Anyway, fun times.

That said, I could still ‘predict’ stuff and drop gems of actual wisdom, like…

The secret of the female O-rgasm
Messages from past lovers (and loved ones)
True, soul-inspired romance
Family fortunes and generational wealth
Weathering all manner of emotional storms as a power couple
And sooooo much more

After all, my years as a sex therapist and counsellor are worth their weight in (ostentatious) designer jewellery. Because wisdom learned through experience is still life-changing no matter how it’s packaged.

Of course, these days I do it all on Zoom calls. Minus the theatrics. And with people who want the real top-shelf wisdom, unadulterated.

Speaking of which, I’m running my famous intimacy masterclass on Wednesday, August 30th 2023.

How’d you like to come to a soul reading (of sorts) with me? Predicting your own love-fortune. (Totally non-woo, but still VERY soulful. Because s.e.x. can be a soulful experience.)

For the record, yes – all those things I mentioned above, we’ll cover (except the generational wealth. Saving that one for the wealth masterclass coming up in a few month’s time. But extra portions of love insights and tips.)

Last time I ran this it was the hit of all our 2021 masterclasses. Most popular by far and got rave reviews.

So as a special for the 2023 class, I’ve swollen the material, teased out the many, many climactic points… and thrown in a few more throbbing puns.

As you can tell – the class WILL get you there.

Grab your ticket for just $29 >

Getting in quick is – in this case – the right move.

You’ll appreciate the masterclass, if you know what I mean. wink.

If you’re a current MG member, no need to book – your seat’s reserved already.

Oh and bring your partner for free if you live in the same household btw. You’ll BOTH appreciate the exercises… if you know what I mean. wink.

But for those curious, you can find the details here.


And here are some of the questions we are going to explore
What would you say you are naturally? More yin? More yang?
What would you say your partner is? More yin? More yang?
How do you express yourself sexually?
Has religion or society affected your sexual expression?
How can you have more sexual expressions in your life?

Have a sultry Saturday, {first_name},

Tanya x

Leadership Coach & Master Certified Demartini Method Facilitator
BAppSoSc (Counselling)
Maximum Growth

P.S. Stay tuned for next week’s Newsletter – I share my top learnings from this year’s Demartini Method Training Program.