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How often do you think about yourself?

Research shows that most of our time is spent thinking about someone or something else. Psychologists believe people actually avoid thinking about themselves. We dislike facing our own adequacies.

For the same reason, many of us avoid talking about ourselves, viewing ourselves in the mirror, or being photographed. It’s too uncomfortable.

The following experiment was conducted to show how increased self-awareness can affect our behaviour.

During Halloween, children played trick or treat, who turned up at one researcher’s door and were told to help themselves to one sweet from the bowl.

Children who were believed to be unobserved took 34% more sweets. The researcher then placed a full-length mirror behind the bowl and only 12% of subsequent children took more sweets.

The mirror reinforced the children’s sense of self-awareness.

To avoid confronting the inadequacies, some people prefer to withdraw from a situation often by getting drunk, scrolling aimlessly through social media or Numflixing it (I just make that up. Think it will catch on {first_name}?).

These activities reduce your level of self-awareness making feelings and events temporary more bearable.

But it’s an illusion.

Whatever you run from (or hide from in this case) is still running and active in your system. It’s only that you’re avoiding the inevitable. Whatever is painful, pushing your button will still be there when you come back.

It doesn’t go away.

If you find yourself withdrawing as a strategy, consider standing in front of a mirror, look yourself in the eyes and say “hiding from the world does not serve. There is nothing that my mortal self can’t experience that my immortal self can’t love.”

Here at Maximum Growth, we are helping you to face the tough issues, to hold your hand when you need to, to create the time and space to apply the work.

Just ask Shani, one of our Maximum Growth Members who courageously faced her stuff in class this week and how much she helped others to do the same.

We have a beautiful community to surround you with you go on the journey within you.

Here’s to looking in the mirror {first_name},

With love,



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