Fear This

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In this week’s class, death was a consistent topic that showed up. 


I couldn’t help but wonder, knowing there is a facilitator – client dynamic at play, how I feel about my own death. 


In the past, this is something I thought about too much. This time, I thought about it differently through the lens of what I want post-death, in decades to centuries’ time.


Death is challenging for some to dare to question this. We can be seen as weird, even people like Spinoza was excommunicated from questioning this very topic. 


Why do we fear death?   


It is a question I don’t believe people will not stop asking, unless we unlock immortality, which will be unlikely. 


The ancient Epicureans believed fearing death was a mistake, that you should fear only those things that can harm you, and if you are dead then nothing can harm you. 


When you are dead, you’re dead. 


What stood out in the class we had this week was the members talked about living a shell of a life. And how he feared not living, more than dying. 


I remember a client who was terminal said to be when we met for a juice in Chaple St in Melbourne.


“Tanya, this is my life, I only have so many days left. I want to spend it with people I choose. I want to do the things I want to do, like go to Hawaii and hike a mountain. It’s my life. And I do not want to spend it with people that only want to see me so they feel better about themselves.”


Her voice still echoes in my mind as if she was sitting in front of me.  


We only have a finite number of conversations and connections left in our life. 


For me, I want to invest my life in creating heart-opening goosebumps moments that then ripple through time. Maximum Growth Classes allow me to do this.


When people in a centuries’ time watch a Hot Seat or a clip from class, my intention is they will feel the transcendent moment and it heals their minds and hearts in that moment. #eternaltransformations


How about you ? Do you fear death? Fear not living? Or are you living a life worth living?


With love and deep transformations, 



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