Everything around you was once an idea.

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Wrap your mind around this…

Everything around you was once an idea.

Imagined in the mind’s eye of someone else.

Or even imagined and created by you.

Your phone,

Your car,

Your bed,

The clothes you’re wearing,

The home you live in…

Even more powerfully, the life you are living.

I remember when this hit me.

I was staring at a skyscraper,

From the pool deck on our honeymoon in 2016…


A tear ran down my cheek.

We can manifest from our mind’s eye, into our reality.

This huge building was once an imagined idea.

That was now standing in reality as a reflection of that individual’s vision for it.

This really blew my mind.

I mean it really really blew my mind.

It was a paradigm shifter…

It made me really grasp the power of being human and the limitlessness of our potential.

To literally be able to imagine an idea,

Build it in our minds,

Then create it into existence.

If you do not grasp the limitless of this power,

Sit for a minute.

Take a few deep breaths and then look around you.

What is man-made that you can see?

This was someone, somewhere, at sometime’s idea.

That you now have these things surrounding you.

Now even more powerfully…..

Take a close, deep, honest look at your life.

What ideas did you have for the life that you now live?

What did you imagine and envision for yourself that you now have?

What was once an idea that is now a reality?

What are you creating right now that was once an idea?

I hope you are starting to grasp the reality of this now…

It isn’t some hocus pocus bullshit.

It’s REAL.


It’s what makes us as humans the ultimate creators when we focus on creation.

We literally have the power to create the life we want…

The deep, meaningful, intimate relationship,

The life-altering business,

The high-income,

The wealth,

The new industry changing products.

ALL of it.

You just have to have the courage and the belief in yourself to go after it…

Commit to the creation,

Create a plan,

Start building it.

Take the time to go through the “Questions of Wisdom”. I specifically created it for you to get in touch with your inner creator and increase your belief in this part of you.

Look through your entire lifetime, and you will uncover the magnificence of what you are capable of creating.


What ideas or vision did you have for your life, that your life is now a reflection of?

What did you imagine and envision for yourself that you now have?

What was once an idea that is now a reality for you?
What have you imagined, that you have then created and manifested?

What are you creating right now, that was once in your mind’s eye?

Crush Life,

Justin Wiseman

Entrepreneur and Business Owner
Mindset and Business Coach
Demartini Method Facilitator