This is hard

Relationships are some of the most fulfilling and meaningful aspects of life. They offer a shared life experience, a companion, and a sense of belonging. But despite the perceived positive benefits, relationships are not without their challenges. 


The struggles people face in their relationships can impact our ability to work, focus, and make effective decisions. Knowing how to navigate these challenges can help you stay on track and on purpose in life and in business.


All relationships are unique. There is no one right or wrong way to be in a relationship, and what works for one couple might not work for another. It’s about what works for each other and the relationship.


Having coached business owners in their personal and professional lives for 13 years, what I have noticed is that there are certain universal struggles that people face in their relationships, and it can be helpful to understand why they occur and how to address them.


In relationships, some people feel trapped or stuck. This can happen when one or both partners feel that they are not able to be themselves, grow, or express themselves fully in the relationship. 


The more’ stuck’ or ‘trapped’ one feels, the more they believe leaving will ‘free’ them. But if we live by universal laws, you can never have one without the other. You’re free inside a relationship but trapped outside.


For example, a client I worked with who desperately wanted out of a relationship was free to do what they wanted, when they wanted, and became trapped financially as they only had one income to support their three children.


Every relationship has to manage conflicts and disagreements. When two people come together, they bring with them their own set of values, beliefs, and habits, and it is inevitable that they will clash from time to time. 


We live in a culture where arguing is seen as negative and agreeing is seen as positive. Arguing is neither right nor wrong; it is a clash in communication and an opportunity to seek common ground and work together to find a solution that works for both of you.


Fear is another common struggle in relationships. Whether it’s fear of losing your partner, fear of being vulnerable, or fear of being rejected, fear can have a major impact on your relationship. 


Make fear your friend, and face it head-on. Talk to your partner about your fears and work together to find ways to address them. In our Maximum Growth Business Class, we apply a series of questions to clear the fear each quarter, so there is less in the way of having the life you love.


So, it’s the month of love, and regardless of your relationship status, I wish you oodles of love flying your way.



Tanya “with bundles of love” Cross

Leadership Coach & Master Certified Demartini Method Facilitator
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