Are You Willing To . . ?

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I’ve noticed most common to people in the personal development world is they value learning. They soak up learning, and sometimes keep jamming in more learning (sometimes to a point of being overwhelmed).

Learning is great. It can make you feel like you are growing and going somewhere.

There are times when what we are learning isn’t beneficial. For instance, how much of what you have acquired over the years is aligned with the laws by which the whole universe works? Very little, right?

Growing up in a Catholic household, I was taught to be kind, generous, giving, and to be respectful of others. But these qualities are subjective to everyone. The government perceives themselves to be looking after it’s people by closing borders and having a hard lockdown, whereas some people think it’s not.

There are only a specific number of people or individuals who learn the laws of the universe and live their life accordingly. There are only a few Students of Wisdom, willing to unlearn what they have been taught and relearn a new way of experiencing the world.

Alvin Toffler, a writer and futurist believed most illiterate individuals of the twenty-first century will actually not be the ones who cannot properly write or read but who can’t relearn, unlearn, and relearn. #anothergoldnuggetofwisdom

Rather than obtaining more information (and misinformation) maybe what is required is time for unlearning and relearning a new way and method of thinking.

A new way of thinking leads to a new way of being. #anothergoldnuggetofwisdom

In our Mindset Classes at Maximum Growth we teach you the foundations of these laws of the universe, quality questions and quality answers to learn a new framework for living. Once the framework has been laid (and this takes time), then when you learn something new, you can ask yourself is this aligned with universal laws?

With gratitude and gold nuggets of wisdom,



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